1. The store owner seems to think people are going to be either big OR tall, but not both. So there is a door for each. Not sure why that would apply to delivery people though…

  2. Read the sign- it’s for “Big and Tall deliveries.” That doesn’t mean a Big and Tall store!

  3. But what if you’re big AND tall? Too wide for the tall door, too tall for the wide door? Wouldn’t it just have made more sense to build ONE door that’s both big AND tall?
    (And yes, we are massively over-analyzing this…)

  4. @ larK – “…what if you’re big AND tall…“: Such as the bank robber in the previous post, who has the widest legs I’ve ever seen drawn in a newspaper comic.

  5. I didn’t even notice the tall door for the first several minutes I was studying the panel.

    It seems like the artist had to throw a Hail Mary ball of shadowing to (sort of) complete the drawing before deadline. It’s very nice when I keep my eyes pointed low. Otherwise, I can’t figure out what Escher-world that tall door opens to.

  6. Looking at it again. I think it is a big and tall store. He’s just looking at the back of the store (hence the dumpster) where the deliveries are made.

  7. Kevin A, I also thought the tornado of shadowing would mean something, but it’s just a habit the artist has. Recent examples:

  8. I looked for photos of the cartoonist John Hambrock, and from what I could see he doesn’t appear to be a very tall or wide man.

  9. Hi Mitch4, thanks!. To be clearer, I could have mentioned that from about last Fall, I’ve taken to examining the shading of every cube, sphere and side table of Wiley panels. I know his “shading” is more highlighting or something (maybe there’s a literary word for it); it often makes little sense but maybe adds to the texture, feel, and/or focus et al. of the overall drawing. In this case, the door is the subject of the panel and I can’t see it entering into a building; it’s just hanging in space for someone to walk through and float away. 🙂

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