Once more unto the Oopsies, Quickies, Semi-CIDUs, Mysteries, and flops? (8th Series)

Maybe it’s a genuine CIDU? But I think that punch line is all there is.

I think we all can sympathize with Duane’s motivations for his … little prank. And that’s the main joke, which is not in need of explication; so this isn’t quite a CIDU. But if we wanted to get into it a little, we could ask whether he’s getting revenge more on the kid or on the mom. And at the practical level, what does it mean that he still has the barber’s customer-apron as he’s leaving?

I guess this Working Daze fits an offshoot of the “CIDU-Quickie” category, where the joke is utterly incomprehensible until you are shown (or realize you already know) an instance of something-that’s-going-around, and then that entirely exhausts the mystery.

Linked here is a compilation of what lies behind the joke. (I can’t watch this all the way thru.)


  1. Seems like revenge on the mom for rewarding the kid’s behavior with ice cream… though it could just be he wants to introduce chaos. I am not familiar with the character, so I don’t know his history.

  2. I think the one line of dialog in the last panel of the first strip is a perfectly acceptable punchline. It’s simply the incongruity of having a wealth of books, and being unwilling to share them. Sending a friend all the way to the library seems unduly harsh, even if it’s just to “protect” her collection.

    P.S. Harry Rowohlt (a well-known German translator and columnist) once wrote about a certain book that he had loaned out often, but never seemed to get back. Instead, he always had to go out and buy another copy. Oddly enough, he seemed to be perfectly willing to keep doing this (as his part in helping promote the book). And no, it was not “that” Book.

  3. I have zero patience for inane Internet memes, but what IDU about the third comic is how in the would she is contorting her legs in the first panel, and what in the world the white thing she is holding in the second panel might be.

  4. P.S. I know I deleted the “u” in “would” (to correct it to “world”, but it would seem that I replaced it with another “u”, instead of an “r”. Ooops.

  5. “…what does it mean that he still has the barber’s customer-apron as he’s leaving?”

    I think it may be that the kid is freaking out so much that the second barber has had to jump in to help, and the character has just got up and left with the apron still on…and most likely without paying.

  6. Concerning the barber’s apron, I understood it like this:
    – child makes a fuss
    – mother promises a reward
    – Adult guy senses an opportunity and starts making a fuss too
    – To placate him the barber gives him what he wants, which is – drum roll – the barber’s customer-apron

    So, we have a joke about leaned entitlement and the twist, that he only wanted the apron.

    I would judge it “Meh: Too unclear and not funny enough.”

    But, as always, I might be getting it completely wrong. (And ymmv)

  7. I’m with Stan, the last panel with the barber’s cape on makes no sense and doesn’t help.

    I assume y’all know that the conventional wisdom is that cats are startled by cucumbers because they think they’re snakes. Not sure I believe that, but it’s what “everyone” says.

  8. Concerning the barber’s apron: i think it’s just to reflect the character’s self-congratulatory attitude: he considers himself a hero. @kilby – yeah, the legs seem weird. I think the white thing is a phone, and she’s recording his reactions, much as in the cat-and-cucumber scenario.

  9. Isn’t he flipping the cape around to make a superhero cape? Some heroes do wear capes.

    I guess because he considers himself a hero…not sure.

  10. They threw him out of the barbershop, mid-haircut, for sowing such chaos, but his self satisfied smile says it was still worth it.

  11. Cats freak out at cucumbers (and pickles), she’s seeing if her coworker is a cat person in that sense. Simple joke. As for what she’s holding, I think it’s just her water bottle.

  12. One of my first cats, an indoor cat his whole life, once jumped over the barrier I had protecting the closet. He jumped out again so fast it looked like he’d hit a trampoline. In the closet, there was an electrical cord that was positioned somewhat like a snake. Had to be instinctive, the cat had never been outside.

    BTW, I think those ‘jokes’ that involve torturing a cat are not funny. grump, grump

  13. @Chak, I agree, there are videos featuring cats that all the same should not be promoted as fun for “cat people”. I only watched a portion of the one posted here, and felt so sorry for the cats.

    @Dvandom, I agree what Rita is holding is her water bottle. BTW, the victim in this scene is probably more “her employee” than “her coworker” — she’s a company VP and local group manager. Which raises questions about her pulling pranks — but she has all along been a pretty bad boss.

  14. Yes, the white thing is a phone, with the gripping hand drawn for video recording but tragically mis-colored; at least 3 of the 5 fingertip drawings are colored white instead of her skin color, making them look like weird tabs. (That’s an iPhone hand grip, used to avoid a pinky from covering the speaker or the microphone, both of which are on the bottom edge of an iPhone. That’s also why you see iPhone users holding their iPhone like a table when they use speaker-phone mode. For video-recording, it takes a bit of practice and stretch to use the grip with the hi-res camera between the fingers.)

    And now you’ll see it everywhere!. 🙂 (I’m not saying that’s an iPhone in the strip.)

  15. The video is much easier to watch with the sound turned off – I got probably 25 seconds into it. And what interests me is that every single shot the cat is eating, turns around and sees the cuke and jumps…makes me wonder what would happen if you sneaked…oh, a rubber ducky up next to a cat concentrating on their food and they turned around and found that next to them. I suspect a very similar jump.

    It is Rita’s water bottle – a constant companion. If she had an iPhone she’d probably grab it entirely by the bottom – she’s a pretty standard clueless boss, and very tech-challenged.

  16. IMO the B&C cartoon shows a guy congratulating himself by making the spoiled kid hyper and just generally leaving a trail of chaos in his wake.

  17. While the refusal to lend a book might seem a bit mean, if you value your books then that’s the smart approach. The punchline isn’t really needed of course.

  18. Mike P: My Mac has a mute button. So sorry that your machine doesn’t. Aside from that, I totally agree with you.

    Phil Smith III: No, I had never heard that cats are startled by cucumbers because they think they’re snakes. All the while, though, I was wondering how they got the cucumber there without the cat knowing it.

  19. “Friends: People who borrow my books and set wet glasses on them.” — Edward Arlington Robinson

  20. When it comes to books Robert and I both feel – “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” We do let each other read our books – and books and books and books and books…. (about 10 full height cases plus half height cases plus stored in odd places worth around the house. He did actually recently get rid of a few shelves of books that he used for work and are no longer as relevant as we had a Hurricane Ida leak in the basement behind the case they were in followed by some more leaking after the next two large storms came soon after, so that we could get rid of the soggy bookcase and see what was going on behind it – we are hoping it was an aberration due to Ida and the area outside the basement window getting flooded).

  21. @Boise Ed.

    Mine does.

    I should not be forced to use it.

    People who post videos like that should be forced off YouTube for life.

  22. Two days ago I purchased a cucumber and tried it out on our cat, with both boring and very surprising results. As I expected, the cat saw the cucumber and ignored it entirely, proving that those ubiquitous videos depict merely a small selection of extremely high-strung felines that have no relation to normal house cats. The surprising reaction came from my daughter, who saw the cat ignore the cucumber, and immediately complained, “So those Internet videos aren’t true at all!” (even before I could explain why I had put the cucumber on the floor behind the cat). I had no idea that she had already been exposed to the meme.

  23. @Kilby tell your daughter she blew it–SHE should have leapt up and run from the room!

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