1. Glad you found it, Folly! We tried to do some email notifications too, but there wasn’t a good automated way to catch, say, everybody who has commented in the last year.

  2. Possibly it was still using the squirrel link all along, so when they changed the forwarding it started working. Although, all my visited links there went to unvisited, so SHRUG.

  3. Sending e-mails to anyone who has ever commented (even recently) might be on dicey legal grounds (at least in Europe), since nobody has ever (officially) given permission to use their address for such purposes. However, you could create a “CIDU Mailing List” thread (with an appropriate explanation in the header), and then use all comments in that thread as a source for an “emergency CIDU mailing list”. The trick would be to make sure that the addresses are (periodically) offloaded to a secure location (in case the WP-server blows up again). This would have provided some assistance during the incident that caused Bill to compose the URL that we are currently using.

  4. There was no problem with the WP service actually. The failing address was still under GoDaddy management.

  5. I wondered what happened. I ended up having to come in through a side door. I had to do a web search including the term “Janissary” to find a page that would let me in.

    “comicsidontunderstand.com” gives an expired domain notice from GoDaddy.

  6. I wondered what happened. First Google result for the site name is a notice from GoDaddy that the comicsidontunderstand.com domain has expired. I managed to find my way to the current site through a side door…the scrape.nowis.com page, and eventually found this thread. I never remember the actual URL

  7. Interesting…I got an error and didn’t think that message got posted. There might be a similar but slightly different one coming as well.

  8. Grawlix, sorry the notification attempts didn’t reach you.

    For now, please don’t wait for comicsidontunderstand.COM . Please just use godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie.wordpress.com OR for less typing if your browser hasn’t started saving that, the shorter comicsidontunderstand.NET which works almost everywhere by now — only not in a browser where the dot com address failed. (For those, a private or incognito window will help.)

    After this stabilizes, we’ll add to the mix a shorter form yet, CIDU.info or CIDU.site. (BTW, does somebody here hold CIDU.com?)

    Thanks for your patience.

  9. Grawlix, yes, a couple of your messages in the last few minutes did go into “Pending”, where I saw them and clicked approve.

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