1. It didn’t help that I had my glasses off and read “French vacuum tracks”… Mark H. solves it

  2. Why is he wearing an apron?

    To continue on Mark H’s comment, he’s invited her over for dinner for the evening. He’s both cooked and cleaned, but she’s currently impressed with the cleaning.

    Side note, back in the 80s, I went to my girlfriend’s place, and her sister told me, “She cleaned her room, so you’re probably getting lucky tonight!”

  3. Yes, but I was wondering if others also see a possible mixed message. She does seem pleased that he vacuumed just for her. But also that could mean he doesn’t keep the place clean, so it might be a minor dig?

    We had to dig out this artist’s name. But the style is so completely familiar as an iconic New Yorker look, I was a little surprised his work could be so familiar but his name not.

  4. I agree that the comment might be a backhanded compliment and/or minor insult. We also need to consider just why he thought it was necessary (or advisable) to clean his place before she showed up. Here is a relevant counter-example:

  5. Housekeeping and cleaning tasks may be onerous in different ways, but clearly vacuuming is the one that sucks!

  6. Ha! I read it as “French vacuum tracks” too. And I was wearing my glasses. The funny part is that, before opening the thread, I thought to myself, “This is why I like CIDU, I’m going to learn some interesting fact about the latest social meme or other trivial phenomenon sweeping the country that explains the joke.” heh

  7. I’ve complimented friends on their event prep by noticing the fresh carpet tracks. It’s a fun way to notice a clean house.

  8. A slight variation: fresh vacuum tracks doesn’t necessarily mean that you DID clean; you can make vacuum tracks in carpets without actually doing a decent job of getting any dirt removed. So putting vacuum tracks in either means that you cleaned, or that you faked it.

    In either case, the woman appreciates the consideration — she’s important enough to him for cleaning and/or faking cleaning.

  9. The only guy I knew who kept his apartment clean and neat all the time was my upstairs neighbor, and he never invited a woman over that I knew of.

  10. Husband vacuums – when is upset enough that I have not done so in a, ahem, while.

    When I was home alone during the day the house was kept much better and the meals were a larger and better assortment.

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