1. God bless Wayno and Piraro for not adding a caption and for publishing a great strip that only a [small?] fraction of readers will fully get. (.. that is unless old folks are the only ones who read the comics :~) )

  2. I haven’t heard the phrase “on the fritz” in decades, but that’s undoubtedly what this Bizarro is about.

  3. … and, in the back of the minds of old folks, the song “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, and the minds of really old folks, the expression, to “put on the Ritz”.

  4. Took me a few seconds too long to get the “Beatnik” one. I wonder how many younger readers get the wordplay.

  5. I was surprised by the idea that “on the fritz” is that dated, so asked a twentysomething colleague, who said that no, it isn’t. FWIW.

  6. Out of order as in “not working” – so she is complaining that the room is good, but nothing in it works. Or She is complaining that they are not arranged in the order in her room that she feel they should be.

    I am guessing the former, but I have mentioned before that my mind has its own logic. This is the sort of thing that if the line occurred in a movie we were watching, I would asking Robert which one she meant.

  7. Meryl, the key pun / joke here seems to not focus on possible other senses of “out of order”, but more on the colloquial expression “on the Fritz” which does mean out of order but also matches the name of the hotel. With echo of The Ritz, but now Fritz.

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