Because it’s been taken care of already?

Is that the guy called “Thirsty”? Is he contradicting our expectations of him by going sober today? Or is he saying nobody needs to spike the punch, because he has seen to it?

Are office parties still a thing? And is drinking at them still a thing?

Here as a p.s. is a RWO on that theme.


  1. My take was that that is Thirsty, and there is no need to spike the punch because that has already been done, whether by him or by someone else. But I don’t assert that with confidence.

    Office parties with alcohol are definitely still a thing. I went to one just three weeks ago. Everyone was fully vaccinated, and no one had heard of omicron yet. It was actually a lot of fun, although we did not manage the level of hilarity shown in the cartoon.

    The Rhymes with Orange is about the continued availability of Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

  2. I think the sentiment is that there is no need to spike the punch because everybody is already so “high” (in the old 1950s sense) because they’re allowed to get back together again for an office party. It is a comment on the Covid period we’ve come through without the realization perhaps that omicron was on its way.

  3. Of course, really bad timing on H&L, given how the sudden surge of Omicron has shut down office parties and the like (having everyone unmasked makes it feel like a rerun from pre-COVID).

  4. I haven’t read Hi & Lois regularly since Trixie was an infant. But I heard somewhere that, in an attempt to be PC — or woke, or whatever the PC term for wokeness is — Thirsty is no longer depicted as an alcoholic. I don’t know whether he is supposed to be recovered, or if they simply no longer do Thirsty-is-drunk gags.

    Both of the above explanations of this comic occurred to me, but perhaps not with the COVID slant. It looks like he’s implying that he already took care of the punch. But I think the intention is that everyone is already so happy that it’s not necessary.

    Has COVID entered the H&L universe? I don’t remember seeing any masks in Beetle Bailey, but I wouldn’t know about Hi & Lois.

  5. The Comics Curmudgeon page also has Dennis the Menace thinking the baby is Wayne in the manger, but so far this year I have not seen any cartoons of kids looking for Round John Virgin.

  6. Maybe no need to spike the punch because one of the attendees was the recently-resigned receptionist from a place I worked at once who, at an office party literally only hours before she flew out of the country on a one-way emigration trip, turned up with a cake for her recently ex-boss, which she had made for him.

    With PCP as one of the ingredients.

  7. Ugly Christmas Sweater jokes should be retired, because they’re now sold ironically. Likewise dumb Secret Santa gifts. Last year 7-11 had a line of them, and when 7-11 decides something can only be sold ironically …

  8. Well, whatever he was saying at the office party, Thirsty has not gone dry. Here is Hi looking askance at him on New Year’s Day:

  9. I always thought the sweaters were just called Christmas sweaters and am not sure when the name changed to “ugly sweaters”.

    When we were able to go annually to Colonial Williamsburg for their “Grand Illumination weekend” which starts their Christmas season we would recognize the other regulars. One group of women that came wore assorted Christmas/Ugly sweaters. One year it was much warmer than usual – I was wearing a tee shirt without needing heavier clothing over it (no sweatshirt or winter jacket) – but these women had to wear their Christmas sweaters and looked so uncomfortably warm. A different year it was so cold that when waiting to see the fireworks (the highlight of the weekend is 3 simultaneous firework shows over the three main buildings in the restoration; they are low level fireworks more as fireworks would have been in period) the employees kept announcing that no one was to lie down as if they fell asleep they might freeze to death.

    Another group we would recognize annually was family wearing Mickey Mouse Christmas antler hats.

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