1. But is that all there is? “What if knights attacked (or defended?) copyright?” Is there anything that triggers that association? Some play on words or subverted trope?

  2. @Powers probably just because (c) looks like an actual shield. That’s as deep as I get with it

  3. I think it’s also a play on the word ‘property’. An army of knights would normally be after physical property. Absurdist humor.

  4. @beckoningchasm:

    1)Why do you think they’re knights? They’re soldiers, but why would you think unmounted men without livery or servants are knights?
    2)Why are you assuming that knights are only defensive? In any medieval war, knights fought on both sides, unless one side was non-feudal, e. g. when they fought the Mongols.

  5. Carl, the post title uses “Knights” and may have the responsibility for having started people down the path of calling them that.

  6. As far as defensive I think the point was not that they should be defending because they’re knights, but because with (C) on their livery they’re clearly the side of, not against, copyright.

    While I’m posting to quibble I should also note that the artist has clearly never contemplated what happens if you let chainmail near a beard.

  7. But they’re after “their intellectual property” implying to me that they want to violate copyright.

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