1. I think maybe he is breaking the 4th wall and is referring to how some cats in strips talk, but Ludwig (mostly) just “acts” like a cat. Maybe that’s what it is.

  2. I don’t know, I’m not a cat person, but maybe their actions (or seeming lack of) are showing how much they care about each other? Because they are snuggling for an extended time.

  3. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.
    If you choose not to move, that is still a deliberate act.

  4. “Others” is clearly other people, not him. I see this as a weekend day and instead of working on his honeydo list, which he talked about doing all week, he is enjoying a nice nap. He talks. Others do.

  5. They’re sharing a “cat nap”. Definition: noun, sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)

  6. Comment from Lord Flatulence, posted by mistake in a different thread:

    Some would only SAY “I need a nap.” Arlo TAKES a nap.

  7. Mitch4, Are you sure they’re there for the love of you? Or maybe for the love of body heat?

    As soon as the weather gets colder, I generally nap with 3 of my four cats on top of me, and one wrapped around my head. Not so in summer.

  8. Chak, I’ll go with “it’s some of each”. The little calico in the picture always wants to get on top of my chest no matter the weather; even if she leaves sooner in the heat. But yes, I’m more likely to get a 3-cat-nap when it’s chilly. (My 3rd cat was on the bed too at the time I grabbed that picture, but not in view.)

    And you get 4-cat naps! Cool!

  9. To cats, besides being meal-delivery services, we humans are heated furniture. As critter folks, we’ve had many feline companions over the decades. Most who’ve chosen to sleep with us have been primarily cold weather friends.

    However, many years ago, still on my own, I had a feline family of 3, and they all slept with me year round. One of them even gave me a goodnight kiss every bedtime, delivering a brief scratchy lick to the tip of my nose before settling down on my ankles. When he finally departed this life, the goodnight kiss duty was taken over by one of the other cats. True story.

    Another cat discovered that our short haired terrier, who slept at the foot of the bed, was better heated furniture than either of us. It makes sense, with the pup’s higher body temperature and his thin coat. The dog always looked at us as if to say, “I don’t understand this at all, but whatever.”


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