Saturday Morning Oys – November 13th, 2021

Mr. Snail bought a snazzy sports car, and he ordered some detailing: a big “S” on the sides. When asked why, he explained he wanted all the people on the streets to notice him in the car and say: _________________________ YOUR QUIZ IS TO FILL IN THE BLANK!

Return of the repressed? Yep, Argyle Sweater always has a pun in store! This one sent by Le Vieux Lapin, and it delivers a double shot of Oy!

Perhaps slightly technical jargon, but not unfamiliar.


  1. It took me more than I want to admit to realize that the first one was self-referential, rather than a cheap dig, but once I saw that, I liked it even more.

  2. In some of Anthony Burgess’s novels he has characters (or narrator voice) using the phrase “trick cyclist” to replace “psychiatrist” — as in “Watch out, they’re going to send you to the trick cyclist!” Later I saw it elsewhere, and at first thought it an homage to Burgess, but also saw indications that it was an established bit of British slang.

  3. Gah!! He implied it, the other guy could infer it.

    Before anyone jumps in with literally and figuratively, literally has been used to mean figuratively for a long, long time. . That battle was over hundreds of years ago.

  4. Yeah it’s odd that, in a strip where the language is the focus, he would use this notorious trigger item. But I’ll accept that this is just the language the lawyer uses. It would be more of a surprise coming from the shrink, who is self-conscious and particular about details like that.

  5. He wanted everyone on the street to shout “Hey! What’s your name?” so he could answer “My name is Yon Yonson, I come from Wisconsin, I work in a lumberyard there…”

  6. Mr. Snail was mugged by two turtles. When the police asked him what happened, he said “It all happened so fast!”

  7. That bicycle grabbed my eye. It reminded me of an art project where someone had people draw a bicycle solely from memory, and then make computer renderings from the results. Some were quite bizarre.

  8. My recollection was that they were long shorts. That’s correct and it seems the “board” has to do with them being popular with surfers because they stay on better when they wipe out.

  9. I don’t recall hearing the term “board shorts” before, but sure enough they are a thing (quick web search). Thanks for pointing that out for me.

  10. And to comment on the hats, I’d say the left-hand guy is wearing a half-pint hat rather than a half-gallon one, going by the drawing.

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