Yes, time to call for submissions again!

We are running short on just about all categories.

Time for you to send some in!

CIDU — most needed! But don’t be alarmed if these are subject to editorial scrutiny and may get some return questions – or an explanation if evident.

LOL & OY – We would like to get away from editors’ curations and more back to CIDU-Bill’s practice of forming these weekly lists from reader selections on an almost no-questions-asked basis. If something strikes you as really hilarious, or excellently punny, send it in on that basis, and it can appear in these lists subject only to questions of appropriateness (in the ‘good taste’ sense). [Don’t forget to sign or mention how you would like the credit to appear – our mental mappings from email address to commenting name are quite subliminal.)

Ewww — Not so hot on these, actually. Okay if there is a level of really-funny or something to make it clever (and thus a LOL-Eww or Oy-Eww), but we’re not looking for examples of “gosh, look how off-putting they manage to get these days!” .

Synchronicities — If really striking. And it helps if one or both is really funny in itself. But don’t be alarmed if we want to break up the pair and just use one on its own.

Thank you as always!

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