1. I like both of the Argyle Sweaters. The Lockhorns is funny but Ewww-offputting. “Subset” for “sunset” is a very clever idea, and this cartoon almost carries it off, but not fully, for my taste.

  2. Does the Lockhorns really count as an Oy? In a tuna melt, the cheese is melted. In the strip, the tuna itself is apparently melted. But “melt” has the same meaning both ways.

  3. It took me a bit to get the Lockhorns, as I didn’t realize it was a pitcher for a minute. I thought the dish it was in had melted or something.

  4. Also, Saturday Morning Oys?

    I kid. As always it’s appreciated that someone took up the task.

  5. Of course Lockhorns counts as an oy. The pun isn’t on “melt” or on “tuna”, it’s on the entire phrase “tuna melt”. One meaning is “a tuna sandwich with melty cheese”; the other is “a tuna dish or preparation that’s been melted into liquidity”.

  6. Except no one would use tuna melt to describe melted tuna. Just like you wouldn’t tell a waiter to bring nachos with cheese melt on it.

  7. No, to make a pun, you need a word or phrase that can be used in 2 different meanings, each of which would be a valid thing to say. Loretta’s line makes sense only if “tuna melt” is used to describe a sandwich. Now if the caption was “Would you like to have more tuna melt?”, it would work for me as a pun, much like the classic “…you can’t tuna fish”.

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