1. It’s that old “goldfish don’t remember anything past 3/5/15 seconds” thing that everybody thinks is true, even though it isn’t.

  2. The fishy umpire doesn’t have hands to operate one of those little ball/strike counters some umpires use.

  3. madmup has it.

    It’s funny how different tropes have limited legs but goldfish have limits on their memory is certain one that is currently walking about.

  4. I remember a comedian years ago talking about this goldfish/limited memory thing. He was imaging what kind of life it must have swimming around its bowl everyday…

    “Hey! A castle! Hey! A castle! Hey! A castle! Hey! A….”

  5. I was going to go to that “Reader” item to “Like” Woozy’s “has it in one”but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

  6. Instead of goldfish you could have old people with Alzheimer’s disease but I suppose that wouldn’t be funny.

  7. Right, you could find it hard to stay funny, and to steer away from the wrong side of offensive, if you specifically said Alzheimer’s; or even “dementia” by that term.

    But I think there is room to safely be wry or sympathetically amused about people growing forgetful as they age. Tho then there is the hard part, of doing that and being original in some way.

  8. The “joke” I heard about doctors and older folks was:
    Doctor: Mr. Smith, I have bad news. You have cancer, and you have Alzheimer’s Disease.
    Mr. Smith: Alzheimer’s? Well, at least I don’t have cancer.

  9. “If goldfish have short memories – how do they remember what anything is called?”

    They don’t. That’s why they are such lousy conversationalists.

  10. Well, Samuel Goldfish was apparently a great conversationalist, if you like malapropisms. But of course by the time he was famous he’d changed his name to “Goldwyn.”

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