1. [pedant] A wigwam isn’t a tent, it’s a hut. For the joke to work Dinkle should pretend to be a teepee and a yurt. [/pedant]

    That aside, I think the joke would be better if it stopped at panel 2. Giving the traditional punchline kind of ruins it.

  2. The Argyle Sweater is on thin ice, for both (or all three) of the purported puns.

  3. I’m basically in agreement with Pete — but it is only the traditional joke in the final panel that qualifies this as an OY, I would guess, so it’s just as well we have it. However, it departs from what I think is the cartoonist’s usual practice of giving No redemption in a “Dinkle” episode of SFPC.

  4. Re SFPC – Perhaps someone who follows this sort of news more closely than I do can fill in more about this, but last week when the Pulitzer prizes were announced, they had no award given for editorial cartooning, though they announced three finalists (not announced ahead of time). One of them was Ruben Bolling (real name Ken Fisher) who was probably being recognized (or unrewarded!?) for his weekly large-format Tom the Dancing Bug. As people have commented here, Super-Fun-Pak Comix was originally a feature on Tom the Dancing Bug with a layout of several SFPC 3- or 4-panel strips and some vertical oddity, all in imitation of a newspaper funny-pages layout – which then got spun off, sort of, as a separate product on GoComics, presenting daily just one of those 3- or 4-panel strips.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to recap all that history, just mention the recent Pulitzer nonsense. The finalists all made mostly gracious comments, but that doesn’t mean we might not see some more pointed allusion in a future SFPC or Tom the Dancing Bug .

  5. Um…. what‘s the littoral truth?

    I’m actually not sure how I feel about these ha, you have to look up erudite information puns. I guess a lot depends on the mood of the reader at the time.

    But what’s with the goofy smiles?

  6. “But what’s with the goofy smiles?” asks Woozy.

    I don’t recall seeing this sort of thing previously in B&C, but since we see Cynthia at a desk or drawing board, possibly the remainder (and main area) of the panel is meant to be her drawing. But she is not as much of a trained or accomplished comic artist as the actual artists of this, so she only knows to draw people with goofy smiles. [Arguably not what her personality would lead to, but that would not have been the focus here.]

  7. I don’t get the Argyle Sweater last pun: is that supposed to be açai or asai? And either way, what is the pun?

    (sigh… ASAP – As Soon As Possible, but since it’s impossible, ASAI…)

  8. @woozy: Littoral: relating to or situated on the shore of the sea or a lake. That one was a CIDU until I looked up littoral. Apparently you and I need to expand our vocabulary!

  9. larK: ASAP – As Soon As Possible, but since it’s impossible, ASAI

    Yeah, that must be the intention. But I think “as soon as impossible” doesn’t make much sense.

  10. I’m not familiar with Dinkle. Is it always this grim? It’s hard for me to find any pun funny in this scenario, let alone one that most have already heard.

  11. Mark, my impression of Dinkle (within SFPC) is that it is usually even more grim!
    It’s in the OYs list on the basis of the “too tense” pun, no matter that it will not be funny here.
    The parodic-funny element of the strip is maybe the twist that he’s actually carrying out a drugs robbery.

  12. chemgal… I meant what is the “it” that is the littoral truth.

    I feel weird about Barney and Clyde’s love of doing deliberately obscure and what it thinks are cerebral puns. It can be very smug and self serving. But I can’t really blame it as it’s very appealing to make such truly cerebral puns and then feel clever for chewing on them to get them. But somehow Barney and Clyde always comes off as smug when it does it.

    … and it’s not that “littoral” is that obscure a word. (It’s obscure enough; but not smug worthy obscure)

  13. “Yeah, that must be the intention. But I think “as soon as impossible” doesn’t make much sense.”

    IMO it doesn’t need to. It’s just a gag after all.

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