1. “The Eumenides is a play written by Aeschylus”… So a slight error, but forgivable for the sake of the secondary joke.

  2. Euripides trousers, you pay for ‘dees trousers!

    Or you might be expected to sew them back up yourself — hence the “euripides, eumenides!” motto.

  3. “Or you might be expected to sew them back up yourself — hence the “euripides, eumenides!” motto.”

    Maybe. I was recalling an episode of The Young Ones. But you’re right, I recalled incorrectly. The rats say ‘you menda’ rather than ‘you pay for’.

    My memory’s shot. I can’t be alone.

  4. I guess the original definition of “buffoon” is a clown. But I think modern usage is more an insult, like a uneducated person who acts ridiculous.

  5. Mark M: so is “clown”, it’s not unreasonable. I feel like there should be more to that one though.

  6. The long-running NPR radio program Car Talk had a long list of humorous end credits. These included: Euripides Ibreakayourface (Car Talk Bouncer), Euripides Upmann (Document Security Expert from Jamaica), Euripides Abs (Personal Trainer II) and Eurpides Eumenedes (Proprietor of Car Talk’s men clothing store).

    There are inflatable “Bob Bags” (punching bags) in the general shape and pattern as the left-hand clown balloon. An image search shows a variety of styles. The right-hand one in the comic would appear to be a bit top-heavy and unstable.

  7. MiB: Car talk: “Our anger management counselor is Tara … No.”

    I’m not surprised if they said that on the show sometime. From the list on the site posted earlier, the anger team is:

    Anger Management Coach Kirsten Hollered
    Anger Management Consultant Joanne Slowburne

    But that character Tara does appear, in this related role:

    Staff Disciplinarian Les Stern
    Staff Disciplinarian II Tara Neuwon
    Staff Disciplinarian III Juan Demerritt

  8. Is “This Bud’s for you” still part of their advertising? When I see it, I think of the ’70’s jingle. “For all you do…”. But I can’t remember seeing it in a long time.

  9. “Setttlers” is a CIDU. Is that their last name? I have never heard of anyone named that.

  10. CaroZ, the phrasing does make it seem that “Settler” is supposed to be their family name. But I think it works even without that, just using the alternate meanings of “original colonists” and “people who will settle for less than they really want or expect.”

    Wayno’s blog wasn’t any help on this. I haven’t seen Dan Piraro’s yet.

  11. Ah yes, clearly it’s the “people who settle for less” meaning (which hadn’t occurred to me at all) juxtaposed with “colonists.” Thanks – no longer a CIDU!

  12. As I was scrolling down, I saw the Bizarro clown cartoon without the “Buffoon” caption. I took the jokes as the one who had been working out was now inverted – wide on top, narrow on the bottom. Then I scrolled more and saw the caption, which then struck me as unnecessary and actually detracting from the “real” joke. IMHO (as they used to say on Cartalk).

  13. I think “Tara Neuwon” may be a somewhat sanitized version of what appeared in the on-air script.

  14. Dan Piraro’s weekly Bizarro blog entry has appeared, at https://www.bizarro.com/blog/2021/5/4/play-to-pay . As usual, he includes a brief remark about each of Wayno’s daily panels, including those in this OYs list.

    On the “Soul Proprietorship”: You have to admit he cleans up nice and his dress hooves look great. I don’t think we noted those dress hooves here! Wayno’s blog, meanwhile, points out the tailoring has accommodated the tail pretty nicely. And I’m just now noticing the fishtail on the floor next to the briefcase — what is that doing there? It isn’t a Secret Symbol I’m unaware of is it?

  15. The title “play to pay” might count as applying to this picture narrative.

  16. “You have to admit he cleans up nice and his dress hooves look great.”

    Well, he is “a man of wealth and taste.”

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