1. I would never say, ‘Enough said’; it’s always ”nuff said’. On the topic of being funny . . . I would say it’s amusing, but not funny. She watches TW, not the game itself. And yeah, back in the day, I could see her point.

  2. A few years back, TW played in some championship game (PGA, maybe, whatever that is) at the golf course across the highway from where we lived at the time, but I didn’t bother walking over to watch. I stayed home and watched our grass grow; much more exciting. I remember that at breakfast at a nearby restaurant, all these guys looking the same (clothes-wise) came in and I found out later they were all golfers from that game. No TW, tho, not at that moment, anyway.

    (Another time, a group came in, all wearing kilts. They were from a Highlands Game competition nearby. No bagpipe concert, tho; I’d’ve like that. [Yes, I’m one of the few people who actually LIKES the sound of bagpipes.])

  3. Although Janis will occasionally watch sports with Arlo, her being mildly vexed by his preoccupation with them is a recurring theme within the strip. In this case, not only did two words assuage any criticism, but caused her to actually join in.

    Its more of a amusing relationship anecdote of the expected best case scenario (allowing him watch in peace with no kibitzing) being turned into a weekend afternoon joint activity.

  4. I’m not sure how it works into the humor here, but I do think the comic expects us to share in a presupposition that golf does not really make for an interesting spectator sport, over TV. So, along with Andréa’s take (that the interest is provided by watching this attractive young athlete, just as visual appreciation) there is maybe an element that even a non-fan of some sport can find it exciting when a team or a player provides some superlative performances.

    Esteemed co-editor Winter Wallaby put in the work to date this strip to 2002, and also research the dates of Tiger’s collapse and scandals, to knock down a theory that Janis’s interest stems from enjoying a gossip factor. But — the timing is wrong for that, and it isn’t really Janis’s style anyway.

  5. He’s probably glad to avoid discussing the racial aspect of why Tiger made golf interesting. Mainly by being a young Black man dominating a sport with extreme racist traditions. For instance, Woods won several Masters tournaments at a private club that would not accept him as a member, and probably wouldn’t have allowed on the course (other than maybe as a caddy) until very recently.

  6. Thanks, padraig, the racial aspect is such an important part of Tiger’s story, and clearly in some way an unspoken element in this strip.
    I once did a week of contract work at Arthur Ashe Elementary School, where our tech work in the Library did not interfere with some student meetings there with community group representatives. They discussed the legacy of their namesake, and someone pointed out to the kids a parallel to Tiger — but shifted a few decades!

  7. Tiger was so dominant in his day that he would have attracted views regardless of his race — or his attractiveness.

  8. “clearly in some way an unspoken element of this strip?”
    I disagree. I don’t see how Tiger’s race comes into the strip at all. Tiger is the only player in the modern era to hold all 4 majors at one time. He electrified golf. This isn’t about his race, although the full Tiger story is. This strip, isn’t.

    Tiger turned pro in 1996. Augusta accepted black members starting in 1990. He most certainly could have joined the club in any year he played there and every year he won there.

    Let’s not make this into more than it is.

  9. The man is now an accident looking for a place to happen, and it did . . .

    (Hubby just sent me this, not knowing about our CIDU conversation this morning.)

  10. “it’s about lookin’ at an attractive man, no matter the race.”

    Lenny Bruce put it best in the 1950’s. Say you’re the Grand Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. You are getting married and will spend the next 15 years with your choice of a Black Black woman or a White White woman. Which would you choose? The white woman is Kate Smith and the Black woman is Lena Horne.

    Lenny Bruce said the ladies feel the same way. Any woman will jump over 20 Charles Laughtons to get to one Harry Belafonte.

  11. Tiger was attracting a lot of attention in golf well before he became (a bit too much of) a babe magnet. Maybe Janis finds him attractive, but there are a lot of young wealthy athletic men playing pro golf, so that’s not a particular feature for him. The story with Tiger has always been a young Black/Thai man beating the old white guys at their own game. Woods has been gracious and intelligent enough not to shove this narrative up their noses; in fact he’s said he identifies more strongly with his mother’s Southeast Asian heritage than his father’s Black heritage.

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