1. “Why is the coroner referring to him at all if he’s still alive???”

    Hunh? The coroner is not referring to him as a deceased. He gets mentioned in the coroner’s report on some other person’s death. “Died of Natural Causes.”

  2. Yeah, but why is this particular character Natural Causes and is responsible for so many deaths?

  3. Well, this involves the Geezer factor mentioned in the post. This character, from comics by R[obert] Crumb, is named Mister Natural. Turning it into Mr Natural Causes is part of this new comic.

  4. Mister Natural (Causes) works in mysterious ways. He always has.
    But the coroner can’t prove it ever anything OTHER than ‘natural causes’.

  5. I keep my Mr. Natural T-shirt in a safe place as I now every year get to look more and more like him.
    A trip through R. Crumb’ comic catalogue of comics is NOT for the prude or the faint hearted.
    The man has his fetishes, no doubt.

  6. From the very start, Mr. Natural was a fraudulent “holy man” patterned after some of the charlatans of the 1960’s, and he would instruct his followers to do some strange things, but I don’t remember that he ever caused the death of any of them. To do so would be bad for business.

  7. Maybe the coroner knows that the guy takes lots of risks? I think it’s merely that Rubin wanted an excuse to draw Mr. Natural, and found one.

  8. Yeah…. so my take is there’s been a lot of suspicious deaths and somehow Mr. Natural has always been associated with the victim. The coroner suspect Mr. Natural is the killer or is somehow involved but can’t prove it. So he has taken to ironically calling him Mr. Natural Causes.

    It doesn’t really work as it’s such an involved premise it really needs more backstory. But that’s the joke such as it is.

    We discussed Mr. Natural a few years ago and concluded that nobody under 40 got the reference.

  9. What’s funny is, I recognized the guy, but had no idea what his name was (or his source…though as soon as someone said R Crumb I said of course). I’m well over 40 but never liked R Crumb, so I’ve seen little of his work.

  10. For all who have the geezer memory of R Crumb comix, with Mr Natural and Keep On Truckin and so on, and even those who say along with jjmcgaffey “I […] never liked R Crumb, so I’ve seen little of his work” … one of the reasons the posting tag, and a previous comment of mine, refer to him by full name as Robert Crumb is that that was the author name on the amazing surprise [to those of us not following him or anything] publication in 2009 of The Book of Genesis. His psychedelic comix were never centrally my thing either, but this was a great job, quite a revelation.

  11. I really like Crumb’s Book of Genesis, but I can understand why he did not go on to do the rest of the Bible.

    But maybe each underground cartoonist can take on a book. I would nominate the late S. Clay Wilson to do the Book of Revelation if he were still around.

  12. It looks like it would be interesting to leaf through Crumb’s book. … Aha, I see that our library system has it.

  13. beckoningchasm: Perhaps they’re supposed to be Dupont et Dupond, er, Thomson and Thompson. They don’t look that much like it, but they don’t look that much not like it either…

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