1. Is it a joke on people who go on “safari”, but really just stay in cushy lodgings, the furthest thing imaginable from a true safari? Has the cat attempted to hunt them, but as they’re out in their air-conditioned SUVs gallivanting around the plain, the only prey was their coffee machine?

    Maybe not, as that shack doesn’t really look 5-star, but that’s what I got.

  2. I think the cat just wants to have a nice cuppa available each morning. She’s captured the machine from the safari lodge and is dragging it up into the tree.

  3. I think it’s a “bait” thing. When the folks in the lodge wake up and realize their coffee machine is missing, they’ll panic and look for it and see it up in the tree and, desperate for morning joe, not ask themselves “How did that happen?” but simply climb up the tree to obtain the precious coffee. And then the leopard will pounce.

  4. Thanks for the hilarious “upgrade” comic, Andréa! I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to rent a compact car and received a Ford Excessive that handles like a bus and won’t fit in a parking place. And it’s always “Sir, we have upgraded you!”

  5. That happened to me once, in Yuma AZ, where the temp was already 120 degrees. I walked all the way to the end of the lot and found . . . an SUV. I was in Yuma to get my dad out of his surgery rehab place and back home; no way could he get into an SUV (nor could I, to be honest). So I had to schlep myself and my luggage BACK to the terminal (did I mention it was 120 degrees?) and INSIST on a real car, not a truck!

    I guess I should count myself lucky that there WAS a car available; Yuma Airport isn’t very large and neither is the rental car agency located therein.

  6. Powers has it.

    It’s just not all that funny. Or, it could be funny in the hands a really talented artist with ability to really depict body language and facial expressions.

    Or it could have been done as a panel of two cheetahs, one dragging a gazelle up a tree while looking befuddled at his neighbor, a bleary eyed groggy cheetah dragging up a coffee machine.

  7. Question for cat people …. Do you compare your cats to any kind of Big Cat? Lions or tigers or panthers? Do you ever tell them to go ahead and think of themselves as wild animals?

  8. Just to toss this in . . . as a dog person, I know I do. We (dog folks) use wolf behavior to find out what our dog[s] might be doing, and why.

  9. @Mitch4: “Question for cat people …. Do you compare your cats to any kind of Big Cat? Lions or tigers or panthers? ”

    Nope. But I do refer to her as “Pussycat Person,” which may be giving her ideas Above Her Station. (Since she’s half-deaf and senile, I figure no harm done, though.)

    Come to think of it, I’m also half-deaf and arguably getting senile myself. . . so we’re a good pairing.

  10. Again on dogs vs cats differences:

    BTW, this comes from a panel cartoon called “Mannequin on the Moon” which I just saw for the first time today. Anybody have general recommendation for or against it?

  11. Cheetahs are famous for “speed,” but sometimes they need a little help. I think there’s a Far Side about the secret of some hyperactive animal being espresso.

  12. It’s a leopard.

    Cheetahs don’t really climb trees. Non-retractable blunt claws. They’re specialized sprint predators, not pouncers.

  13. The background kitties in the Off The Mark panel are adorable.

    One or two video channels in my Facebook feed feature large exotic spotted cats at home, sometimes interacting with normal ones.

  14. Some foxes species have retractable claws and can climb trees vertically. Many other foxes will climb partway into trees when branches permit.

  15. The species misidentification in the title, btw, is our fault (or attempted little joke), not zbicyclist’s. Perhaps what happens when a leopard defies common wisdom and attempts to change its spots.

  16. I go with Powers interpretation also as the cat wants coffee from the machine was my first thought (as a non- coffee drinker who is afraid of animals, so I don’t know if my thoughts count for this).

  17. “Jokes” about coffee are about as tedious as “jokes” about golf — you ran out of inspiration 20 years ago, but this is too good a gig to give up, and they say, “write what you know”, but I’m not going to write about looming deadlines, so…

    (Maybe I’m just a bit grumpy this morning since I haven’t yet had my fix of caffeine — ha! ha! ha! 😦 )

  18. Oh Andréa, your canine loyalties are leaving you shortsighted about cats! My smallest cat loves to lie down on my belly and chest (or even my hip bone if I’m on my side), and it is quite relaxing for us both.

  19. @Mitch4: I just binged the entire run (not overly arduous a task, it only started late February). Overall I found it amusing and chuckled out loud at some of them.
    You can start at the first one here.

  20. Thanks, lazarusjohn. My new regular-check items derived from CIDUers submissions or suggestions have recently included Adult Children, Deep Dark Fears, Lard’s World Peace Tips, Wide Open, Liz Climo (like very much!), Back In the Day / 1 and Done, and Life on Earth by Ham (still trying to get a grip on this).

  21. If this weren’t about the cat using the coffee machine as bait, the animal taking the machine could have been a non-predator type. I first read it as the machine being used as a lure.

    On the other hand, to depict it as bait perhaps the drawing could show the drag marks of the machine from the lodge to the base of the tree and the cat sitting up in the tree in a “pounce” position with a thought balloon, “I won’t have to wait long…”

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