1. Along comes a cat… She sees a trap door open to the floor below.
    Peeks down. Peers further. And falls down to floor below.
    She epeats the same process because that cat is filled with curiosity.

    And it hasn’t killed her yet!

  2. @Dollarbill: You are right, but i prefer to think of it as the Evil Overlord’s cat displeasing the Evil Overlord so the Evil Overlord tosses the cat into the sea of pepto bismol to slowly dissolve while the Evil Overlord gets one of the spare cats out of the Cat Cupboard.

  3. By the way, the cat is named Solange. And Sunday layouts like this sometimes appear with a heading or title “Hallmarks of Felinity”.

  4. Comic strips have ceiling tricks with trap doors opening slightly. And kitty cats drop down those slats and land on paws so lightly. And the floors in turn have trap doors too for cats to therethrough go on. While these strips too continue through until they cease to respawn.

  5. Kind of a weird play on the layout of a comic using spatial representation to represent time and twisting it to have time between columns represent space. It’s kind of strange in that it didn’t go all the way. It’s only the space between columns that get the treatment. The space between panels within a column are still treated as linear time.

  6. On second look, it’s more that it doesn’t twist the timing at all. It just looks like it does. It’s just using the intrigue of a visual stunning layout to depict a cat jumping into a panel, and then out.

  7. Why’d it have to be 9 Chickweed Lane?

    At least it’s not Edda and Amos sexy talk. Again.

  8. Is this part of a continuing story?

    No, not a specific story. But the cat is a permanent part of the cast, and a comic about her stalking around on the layout is a recurring feature.

  9. And apparently I had forgotten that the daily strips could be “Hallmarks of Felinity” too. Here was today’s:

  10. But good luck researching that. Oh, let’s ask in the comments section on GoComics, maybe some nerd groupthink will come up with an answer. Sorry, no comments. Let’s use the excellent index/search facility at that syndication site. Errm, what?

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