1. I’m kinda with Bill. I mean, I get that there’s a juxtaposition of someone who’s really trying to keep others out with someone who managed to slip in the Valentine card, but is that it?

  2. I see it as frustration. The guy would love to whip open the door and see who left the love letter, but it would take way too long to undo all the locks.

  3. It doesn’t have a CIDU tag.

    I think it’s straightforward enough and I always liked this.

    I interpreted as a housebound city dweller scared of the big outside world has many locks (this very typical of New York apartments of the time– I’ve never seen a New Apartment with fewer than two sets of locks as well as the door lock) but none-the-less human careing and kindness and love still exists and manages to sneak through.

    At least that’s how I saw it.

  4. I’m with Woozy on this one. No matter how hard you you try to isolate yourself from others, love will find a way in.

  5. Another vote for Woozy. Recall reading somewhere that Addams had earlier done a cartoon of a guy locking up a very similar door, unaware somebody was sawing the floor out from under him — an okay gag, but only a gag.

    Addams also did a Christmas page showing a scowling Ebenezer Scrooge on the witness stand in a quaint courtroom. Judge, prosecutor and jury are all identical, frowning Santas. While we assume the Santas are morally correct, at the same time we recognize that Scrooge is being railroaded.

  6. Some of us have found that the envelope slid under the door is from the municipality lovingly asking that we pay for our sewer and trash…by a certain date or there will be a penalty. They don’t mention masks, whips or ball gags so it’s probably monetary.

  7. It’s still an intrusion. 😛

    Actually, this setup reminds me of e-greeting card Trojan viruses. You set up protection against the outside world/internet but you might still get fooled by a seemingly harmless e-greeting card. Opening it however might cause you trouble.

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