1. The wind is creeping her out. She comes to Arlo for comfort (as does Ludwig). He figures out what she’s doing and she initially agrees but then reneges.

    I get it, but it’s not particularly amusing.

  2. Some people really don’t like strong windy nights. Like Janis, windy nights scare them and creep them out.

    Other people, like Arlo, don’t mind them so much. So timid people (like Janis and Ludwig) gravitate towards those who aren’t so afraid (like Arlo).

    Normally, Janis would resent Arlo for his greater confidence in handling this situation, but in this situation she’s willing to be comforted by “any port.”

    As for the “Yes! No!” response: I think it’s supposed to show us that she still resents him (if even just a little bit) for his confidence and lack of fear.

  3. “Any port in a storm” isn’t exactly a compliment. She may have initially said “yes” before fully realizing his statement, then changed to “no” so as to not hurt his feelings. Like, “Yes, I’ll take comfort where I can get it, but you are not just ‘any port’.”

  4. “Any port in a storm” implies that even an undesirable refuge is acceptable in a time of crisis. Janis changed her “yes” to “no” when she realized that she had just implied that cuddling up next to Arlo was an undesirable refuge.

  5. So, Susan and Usual John, her Yes is marginally or unconsciously a little unaffectionate, and the change to No is to reaffirm that it’s more affectionate?

  6. That’s the way I read it also.

    (And of course Ludwig is “people” — specifically a Pussycat Person.) As the jingle on one of the fake commercials on PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION used to go —

    If you have a cat, or have two or three,
    You know that cats are people too, like you and me.
    And if they had a voice and if they could speak,
    They’d say “I need some things from Bertha’s Kitty Boutique.”

  7. Mitch4, yes, her “yes” reflected the desperation she felt, but she quickly changed it to “no” to avoid the uncomplimentary implication.

  8. I saw the “No” differently. The “Yes” implies she’d cuddle up to anyone comforting. The “No” says, “No, only you.”

  9. The look on Janis’ face in the second panel is what made me think that she was resenting Arlo for his lack of fear; it looks like she’s glaring at him (as in, “How dare he not be the least bit afraid!”).

    However, on second look, she might be looking up at the storm/ceiling with worried eyes. It’s kind of hard to tell with her bangs.

    Either way, the last panel has her changing her answer at the last second to avoid the embarrassment or awkward situation of the first.

  10. This cartoon reminds me of a thunderstorm we had about nine years ago.

    My dad had recently brought Honey Bun home as a young puppy. My parents could see some concern and fear in Honey Bun’s face, as this was her very first thunderstorm. They patiently explained to her that all the noise we heard was just harmless thunder, and wouldn’t hurt her in any way. This explanation seemed to satisfy Honey Bun, and she walked away and proceeded to play with her toys.

    About an hour later, we experienced a very loud thunderclap, the kind that alarms even calm people. My folks looked over at Honey Bun, and there she was sprawled out on the floor, contentedly gnawing away on a chew toy without a care in the world.

    It was rather comforting to see her in such a calm state. To this day, she’s still not bothered by thunder.

  11. Arlo seems to be putting away the bowl out of Luddy’s reach. So, YES to Janis, and NO to Ludwig. Other than that, I’ve got nothing.

  12. My first thought was like davidom’s and Grawlix’s, Janis answering “yes” and Arlo telling Luddie “no”. I can see the other interpretation, but the way the balloons are drawn is pretty ambiguous. If both replies were from Janis, wouldn’t it have been clearer to use one balloon with something like “yes… NO!”?

  13. I think in today’s strip, Arlo got into a President’s Day argument about good/bad presidents, and got a punch in the nose.

  14. Sorry, I am away from my desktop and have absolutely no idea how to copy an image using an iPad. Highlighting the image and using Copy seems to only get you the alternate text.

    This will get you to the GoComics page:

    And Big Chief, thanks, I guess that makes sense, but I have always thought of Arlo as more peace loving, it seems out of character.

  15. I thought the saying-no-to-the-cat idea was right at first, but now I think the cat is a distraction. Janis (who is looking up at Arlo, not across at the cat) unthinkingly says “yes” to Arlo’s “any port in a storm, huh?” suggestion, but after a second’s thought realises that that potentially gives Arlo licence in future to find succour in the arms of another if he is similarly caught out in a traumatic situation. “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” would be the extreme development of this notion. Janis is keen to head this idea off at the pass, after an initial thoughtless acceptance of it.

  16. An interesting take, narmitage, and I would agree with you in several key points, but not in a part of the explanation where you seem to be modestly aligning with some previously suggested readings but actually introduce something I think is new to this thread! (A new mistake, though, it seems to me. 🤓 )

    To clarify, I agree: that both the Yes and No are spoken by Janis. That both are addressed to Arlo. And that she changes her mind because of an afterthought realization of a possible implication to a Yes on “ any port in a storm”.

    But what is that errant implication? As I took the discussion, people were seeing it as implying some denigration of the value she places on Arlo’s comfort and protection – as though she were reluctant but accepted it as necessary under the circumstances. But you are broadening it in some way to also take in hypothetical rival shelters!

  17. Oddly enough, armitage is my real middle name (the n being my first initial) – it’s a family name (my paternal grandmother’s maiden name). I just made it slightly more mysterious by replacing the ge with j.

    OK, more charitably: Arlo is fishing by saying “any port in a storm”, and after politely but unthinkingly agreeing with him says No! emphatically, meaning, “no darling, you’re the only one [port in a storm, &c] for me!”

    Arlo could also be talking to the cat, who is seeking the safe haven of his lap. I don’t know if the cat is normally rather stand-offish when it comes to Arlo’s lap.

  18. STBrianL: Her profile is the same in panels 2 and 3, and pointed at Arlo in 2 and Ludwig in 3.
    After typing that, I see that her pupil doesn’t seem to point to either one in 3. More like she’s looking to her right. I dunno.

  19. Robert is one of those who is upset by wind storms, and rain storms,ice storms, and snow storms – he is always terrified we will lose our electricity. With our recent our weather he was sure we would lose our electricity, hence our heat, water pipes would freeze and burst. (He was also sure we would not be able to clear the snow and would die of some emergency when we could not get out of the house.)

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