1. Today I got an email newsletter with subject line “Tu B’Shvat as a Call to Jewish Environmental Action” from a Jewish-life organization at my college. The sender was identified as “[name] ’23” which is pretty common for alumni mailings — but I looked at that date and started on some simple math and thought “wow, if they graduated almost a hundred years ago, they must be extraordinarily old!” . But no, all of these ’23 and ’22 and somehow ‘21.5 people mentioned must currently be undergrads.

    If it helps anybody with the cartoon, Tu Bishvat (a name which is really just a date) is a holiday especially about trees.

  2. When I was in college I took a course from someone who was listed in the directory as “Class of 1928 Professor of Math.” I was amazed at how young and animated the guy seemed for his age, until someone explained the concept of endowed chairs to me.

  3. I don’t have any Jewish ancestry, but I do have a full beard and have had it since college. My nose is kind of big too. I like to wear black overcoats and my favorite hat is a black derby.

    So what I get is “Funny, you sure look Jewish!”

  4. Oy, another holiday I forgot to get the dates for to set up the next ten years of holidays in my Lotus Organizer.

    I still have a bunch of anyway to find and enter. Jewish holidays have to be entered separately for each year, the only Christian holidays I have a similar problem with are Easter, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

    Purim is coming relatively soon and I need to get the dates it also.

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