Blow the noodles down, bullies, blow the noodles down!

Yes, we’ve heard about the recent popularity of sea shanties on Tik-Tok and other youth social media. Also the idea of musically combining sea shanties with modern rap or pop music. 
All of that still leaves most of this Bliss cartoon unexplained!

“I am wearying of the crew’s constant repetition of the same old sea shanties.”


  1. In seeing the comic and the way the word shanty was used – I presumed it was used to mean a shack.

    While of course I know of sea shanties that usage did not come to mind as I did see the word as meaning a shack. Add to that the fact that all I know about Tik Tok is that “young people” do things on it, well, the sea shanty idea did not come to mind. (I am an old person now and take full advantage of it.)

    What did spring to my mind (and only to MY mind) is one of Robert’s pandemic lunch choices. He has me take half a can of (generally) Campbell’s Beef Vegetable soup and half a package of Ramen noodles (sans flavoring packet). I boil the noodles while the 1/2 can of soup starts to heat in my other small pot on a different burner (obviously?) and then drain the noodles and add to the soup as it finishes heating. The beef vegetable soup on its own does not have enough carbohydrates to keep his blood sugar from dropping too low – the entire ramen package has too many – mixed like this it is just about right – no highs, no need to eat to as it is too low.

    (As to the use of “young people” – I have a sister who is 12 years younger than me. Back when she was a teenager she would get upset if one of the rest of us – there is a sister in the middle of us, plus our two husbands and our parents – would say something about “young people” and a problem. One day when she was in her late 20s she made a comment about something which was upsetting about something that “young people” do – I started to laugh – she had made the trip over to commenting as she used to get upset at the rest of us commenting about those younger than us. – Still call her our baby sister – then I realized she was in her mid 50s.)

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