1. Zippy and Griffy are not going to be the new Abbott and Costello. Or George and Gracie. Or Martin and Lewis.
    Maybe Rowan and Martin?

  2. Printing out the comic and cutting up the pieces and rearranging them to solve the puzzle is too much work for me. Are there Zippy fanatics who would do that?

  3. But the title “Pieces Movement” does sort of suggest re-arrangement. Maybe the shapes are supposed to allow non-unique assembly.

  4. Just looking at the bottom left piece, I don’t see a matching piece anywhere else in the puzzle. I think trying to reassemble would be a futile effort.

  5. Wasn’t there a Nancy strip here a while back that appeared as puzzle and made sense when rearranged? I don’t think that’s the case here though. The two participants are not speaking in full sentences in any of the pieces.

  6. FWIW I don’t think this is a puzzle and I don’t think it will fit (but we’re welcome to try). But as a IDU, I think it’s just absurdism.

  7. Like all of Zippy the Pinhead comics this one is surreal and a little dada.
    I printed out the comic, glued it to a backing board, carefully cut out all the pieces and I will be jiggered nothing fits together to form a coherent whole. I expected this but I have too much time on my hands.
    If someone else has succeeded in assembling this puzzle show it and prove me wrong.

  8. I found that I can make this into an engaging puzzle (or maybe exercise is the word), for the older USA natives anyway: Replace the ellipses with the few words that we know might fit. Some always stop with the ellipses but in some, there are often more words by the first speaker. I think the humor is in recognizing those conversations where the listener thinks they know what the speaker is going to say. Often, of course, the prediction is correct. I’ve had the experience, especially with one really arrogant and pathologically lying “friend” (possibly due to memory problems), that he sometimes had something unique, thoughtful, and occasionally genius level, to share.

  9. If you haven’t seen it before, there’s a little bit more to the Nancy puzzle than just being able to rearrange the pieces.to where they fit. (Thanks Mark M, for posting that link.)

  10. Sorry, Kevin A. I tried your suggestion but when Griffy said “It’s …”, a voice said “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.”

  11. I for one find this strip interesting and unique. Looks like a metaphor for the difficulties in communicating. They look perplexed and uncomfortable.

  12. I think that the idea with the Zippy puzzle’s not having correctly-matching picture-pieces was that it DIDN’T make sense — i.e., it was “puzzling”.
    Just like the Doonesbury cartoons with the puzzle pieces — Gary Trudeau probably INTENTIONALLY left out the piece that would have revealed what Reagan was saying, precisely because nobody knew what the answer was; the missing piece was intended to demonstrate that.

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