1. What’s the B&B guy complaining about? He can sleep in the barrel, à la Diogenes, and eat the brocoli for breakfast.

  2. The Hulk one is funny, but shouldn’t he be back to non-Hulk in the last panel sighing about the ripped shirt? Or am I misinterpreting somehow?

  3. Now of course the guy will be wondering what the brochure meant by “Come here for a little R and R”.

  4. I’m afraid I don’t get the Nancy cartoon.

    Is it that Mitzi is completely wrong about Nancy in the last panel? As in, “You think you understand kids, but you really don’t”?

    If not, I’m lost.

  5. J-L, she is preaching to Nancy about how quality is more important than quantity, while at the same talking about giving a ton of examples. Not exactly talking the talk.

  6. Just like Henry, I’m often irked when people leave out vocative commas.

    (A humorous example is the difference between “Let’s eat, Grandma!” and “Let’s eat Grandma!”)

    Poor Henry’s cautionary tale will make me stay away from restaurants that display the sign “Let’s eat people!”

  7. Some good ones there.

    The couple tragically misunderstood a comment from a review that the diner serves chicken.

    In the Nancy strip, the examples given don’t seem to be terribly convincing, so the lady decides to keep going, even though that in itself might undercut her whole argument. She appears to be making up for a lack of quality (unconvincing examples) with quantity (more of the same).

  8. “The Hulk one is funny, but shouldn’t he be back to non-Hulk in the last panel sighing about the ripped shirt? Or am I misinterpreting somehow?”

    Although anger turns him into the Hulk, he stays the Hulk for a while (sometimes weeks). Exasperation isn’t actually anti-anger and isn’t enough to counter Hulking. (Actually I never thought it was very clear how it worked.)

  9. Not only is Fritzi givng far too many examples, all of the ones she has given so far are bass-ackwards just plain wrong. There is not a single kid in all of North America who would even touch a portabella mushroom when a chocolate chip cookie is available.

  10. Later, the Devil added, “Furthermore, my name is not ‘Bruce‘!”

    “That’s going to cause a little confusion. Mind if I call you ‘Bruce’ to keep it clear?”

    Works better with a room full of Bruces.

  11. @Kilby: I like mushrooms but, my goodness, if given a choice, I’d take a chocolate chip cookie every time.

  12. I don’t much like mushrooms, but I don’t think I’d reject them in favor of a cookie every time. I don’t go out of my way to sprinkle mushrooms on top of a juicy steak, but if forced to choose, I’d prefer that over sprinkling chocolate chip cookies on top of it.

  13. The quality of her examples lowers with each example.

    An apple to a bag of chips can be argued to be “better”. An apple is a single satisfying snack were as chips is a dull pleasure that lessens and cloys as you eat more and more. Still it’s hard to deny a bag of chips is “good”. We do like to eat them.

    One carrot smoothie better than 10 sodas? On what basis. A carrot smoothie is more healthful. But is it more enjoyable? Than one soda maybe, but ten? As no-one drinks ten sodas at a time the only implication is the value of drinking a carrot smoothie has more value then the cumulative value of ten experiences of drinking a soda. …. well, I doubt that. That’s a pretty out there claim.

    And a ???mushroom??? better than a tray of cookies?!?!? Are you out of your friggin’ mind! You don’t even have to be a child to find that ludicrous….

  14. Unlike Kilby, I don’t think that window looks into another room; the corridor could end just beyond what’s visible through the open door. The end of the corridor probably wouldn’t line up with the wall containing the window but would not be seen from this angle on the window.

    But that doorway seems way wider than the door, so it’s not clear what the doorknob and deadbolt would connect with or why you would need a key (OK, maybe it’s got double doors and he opened both at once).

  15. And I recall it as “Doctors Without Boundaries” — a term very close to “Borders” yet captures the sense of violating decorum and personal space.

  16. The doctors who drop out of “Doctors Without Boundaries” to object to the rotters therein have, I heard, formed a new more restricted group “Doctors Without Bounders.”

  17. — One Delicious apple is not better than a bag of chips. Fuji or Gala, I could understand.

    Oh my god…. red delicious are the worst apples there are! And golden delicious are the second…

    And… yeah, I got to admit I…. am pretty fond of potato chips.

  18. Junk food comments and “thinking of them as” comment together in my brain reminded me of a story I’d heard where some local sf fans were collating a fanzine, circling a table, while the host had set out in the middle a huge pile of White Castle hamburgers instead of the usual salty snacks. People would collate a copy, pop a White Castle in mouth, then repeat the process. In that setting, one fan suddenly had the Zen realization that: “If you think of White Castles as hamburgers, they’re not much, but if you think of them as hamburger-flavored potato chips, they’re pretty good.”

  19. I believe White Castles are the original sliders. It’s best not to think of them as hamburgers (and WC hasn’t ever called them that to my knowledge) but as their own sort of thing.

    Back when I was a productive member of society, my friend the executive (later VP) would bring in 100 Castles on the last day before the holiday break. He would walk around and distribute them to the folks.

  20. When I hear “delicious apple” I parse that as an apple of any variety that happens to be delicious. I only think of a particular variety if it specifically has “Red” or “Golden” in front of it.

  21. “I didn’t care for Delicious Apples, until I started thinking of them as pretty good pears.”

    yuck, they are awful pears. Even to this person who doesn’t like pears.

    But it’s kind of fun to watch pigs and horses eat red/golden delicious apples.

  22. “Both “Delicious” apples are bred for looks, not taste. I also prefer Gala or Fuji.”

    I prefer raw brussels sprouts and pine cones.

  23. I’m amused by the Grant Wood ‘toon, as the original image is only about 8 in x 10 in. Though even at that scale, trimming it would have been a smart move.

  24. WW: me too. I brought it up because the adjective’s kinda forced in the original, so it’s not hard to interpret as being semi-specific. Plus, it was an opportunity to make sport of the character.

  25. Ooten Aboot: I’d think that for a pedant, being down a hole or being in a hole seem to amount to the same thing, so “I fell down/in a hole” means “I was down/in a hole when I fell.” So to the pedant, being down the hole is not the problem because the supposedly the person went there intentionally. The problem is that while down there he fell. Perhaps he’s fallen and he can’t get up. Should have worn Life Alert.

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