1. Usually, you would see LE for “limited edition”. These are usually marketed as something special and rare.

    An Unlimited Edition would be not so special and rare.

  2. @ Mitch4 – I think each company tends to invent whatever cool-sounding acronyms that they think they can profitably market. The only reason that “GT” (for “gran turismo“) became generally accepted is that multiple companies discovered that they could sell more cars if they had a fancy (supposedly European) designation.

  3. My initial reaction to “Unlimited Edition” had been positive (go anywhere, do anything, unlimited) rather than negative, but I enjoy when others have the same car I do. So Limited vs Unlimited Edition doesn’t seem as insulting as whatever the opposite of Touring (stuck in traffic? Commuting Edition?) or Tiny Turrismo or other counterparts might have been.

  4. Maybe it says “LE” and it looks like “UE” to her? The same visual process that makes it a bad idea to name a character “CLINT.”

  5. Strike that, I think the joke is as Z suggested, “why advertise it as an UNlimited edition?” Like the Model T UE.

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