1. Alas, all we get to see on this side of the pond is: “Thanks for visiting Trivia Genius … due to the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union, we’re unable …
    First of all, putting the blame on the EU’s GDPR is pretty offensive, but claiming to be “unable” to conform to sensible privacy rules is patently ridiculous. They are just unwilling (or too lazy) to disconnect their data filching gremlins.

  2. Side Tangent: Why do so many people refer to these as “Sunday Comics”?

    ANd am I the only one who gets depressed that Brenda Starr, Beetle Bailey, and B.C. are on the list.

  3. Kilby, they are truly unable. The U.S. government spies on everything it can, and can issue warrants for everything else. That, to a great extent, is what torpedoed the previous agreement allowing for limited sharing of European data with U.S. companies.

  4. @Arthur: No, they just aren’t willing to make any effort. All they have to do is make it possible for visitors to opt out of various forms of data tracking. Thousands upon thousands of sites based in the US have managed to do it. At this point, a site that says they can’t comply with GDPR is outright stating that the sale of visitor information to third parties is a key portion of their revenue.

  5. That doesn’t prevent the vast majority of other American websites from providing options to “opt out” of data collection schemes. Some do it well (many newspapers and media outlets fall into this category), others do a mediocre job (like SMBC and GoComics), and some sites are completely honest and simply don’t collect user data (like XKCD or exocomics). The duplicity to which I object is the claim that a website “needs” to set cookies (for the “benefit” of the user). Hogwash. They set those cookies to make a profit, and not for any altruistic purpose.

  6. P.S. That should be read as a reply to Arthur’s comment, DemetriosX’s comment wasn’t there as I was writing.

  7. Kilby you aren’t missing much. This seems to just be one of those minimally thought out listicles. And it doesn’t make sense. Defunct Popeye that ran for 65 years is on there but defunct Bringing up Father that ran for 87 years is not. And currently 62 year old B.C. is basically a baby is on there.

  8. And Nancy’s not on there… why call it *THE* 12 Longest Running Sunday Comic strips when the aren’t the longest and some are only averagely long-running, and they are dailies…..

  9. “Woozy, that’s why I only said “This might interest some you,” which is hardly a screaming endorsement.”

    And I never said it wasn’t interesting. Part of what makes it interesting is how capriciously arbitrary it is.

  10. Woozy, I’m not depressed that Beetle Bailey and B.C. are on the list. The criterion (admittedly not applied consistently) is longevity, not quality; besides, while they may not be any good nowadays, BB used to be amusing and BC could be quite good.

  11. Tree song.

    And that’s what I meant by being depressed about to. Can you really consider a modern baby comic strip that’s only been running since the *fifties* “long running”?

    That’s what I found depressing.

    But it’s inaccurate. There are probably a dozen or so comics from the thirties and maybe 20 or more from the 40s.

    Really in no way can those be considered *the* 12 longest running. Little orphan Annie, and Bringing up Father, and Nancy need to be in there and without thinking very hard Rex Morgan is a certainly a better candidate than youngsters like Beetle Bailey and BC.

    How long did Steve Roper run? It began in the 30s didn’t it? But it ended around 2001 so it was probably less than 70 years but more than 60.

  12. “Peanuts didn’t even get an honorable mention?”

    I know *people* who’ve lived longer than Peanuts ran!

  13. Actually Peanuts is mentioned.

    “Calvin and Hobbes, Cathy, Peanuts, Garfield, and Dilbert are just a few of the household names that are rich with nostalgia. Before these colorful comic strips came into being, however, there were decades’ worth of comics depicting everything from a wisecracking police detective to a punk kid with a slingshot to a glamorous newspaper reporter who always got the scoop. ”

    First I ever knew that Dennis the Menace came into being decades before Peanuts.

  14. “in 1934 Barney met Snuffy Smith, a hillbilly moonshiner who has been with him ever since.”

    Maybe “with him” in the title. In the strip itself, Snuffy Smith is there all right but Barney Google shows up only once in a great while.

    And “googly eyes” is attested as early as 1901 so I’m fairly confident in stating that Barney Google (with the goo-goo-googly eyes) was named for the phrase rather than the other way around. Poorly researched indeed.

  15. “Also, Popeye is still new on Sundays, so they got that wring (the dailies are in reruns, but they are talking about Sunday comics)”

    So by “Sunday Comics” they seem to think that means “Comics printed in the newspaper daily”. I really *am* perplexed by people who take a basic self-descriptive phrase and complete miss it’s mean. (And as always i make a statement and can’t think of an example… I’m embarrassed to say the first other example I can think of was a web article that didn’t seem to know what “full-frontal nudity” was supposed to mean).

    Anyway…. wikipedia says the ten longest running strips (which includes defunct strips if they ran longer than current ones) are

    The Katzenjammer Kids (1897–2006; 109 years)
    Gasoline Alley (1918–present)
    Ripley’s Believe It or Not! (1918–present)[10]
    Barney Google and Snuffy Smith (1919–present)
    Thimble Theater/Popeye (1919–present)
    Blondie (1930–present)
    Dick Tracy (1931–present)
    Alley Oop (1932–present)
    Bringing Up Father (1913–2000; 87 years)
    Little Orphan Annie (1924–2010; 86 years)[11]

    I’m not sure I consider Ripley’s Believe it or Not! a comic strip (and where the hell is it running still) but for the next three…. well, I guess Prince Valiant, which they got, is probably in the next 3 and probably so is Nancy, which they didn’t. But there must be *several* if not dozens more before we get to a *paltry* run of only 71 years. Rex Morgans been running since 48 so that’s 72. And… well, I *always* get a brain-freeze when asked to come up with examples.

    Actually comparing runs of classic strips to current strips could be a fun game: Which ran long Peanuts or Krazy Kat? Calvin and Hobbes, or Terry and the Pirates? Terry and the Pirates and the Far Side? Steve Canyon or Steve Roper? (Wait…. Steve Canyon ended in 1988??? and it didn’t go zombie? I really assumed it went on until at least the 2000s and was maybe still running.) Which came first Emmy Lou (Bobby Sox) [no wikipedia entry? How could they?] of Beetle Bailey?

  16. The punk kid with the slingshot could be Mickey “Himself” McGuire of Toonerville Trolley fame.

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