1. Perhaps the myopic error first took place in the store, and was merely repeated in front of the mirror.
    P.S. @ Bill – I think those are supposed to be corrugated (and galvanized) trash cans, a favorite source of nourishment for any suburban bear.

  2. If Beryl lives alone, mace, pepper spray, or bear spray in the bedroom is not unusual if Beryl is morally opposed to guns.

  3. Well, Mom had mace in the spice rack. Although, I guess it was a different kind of mace than they use nowadays….

  4. This reminds me of a Far Side cartoon, where a rat husband is complaining to his wife that they shouldn’t keep the rat poison in the kitchen cabinet, “in fact, why do we even have this stuff?”

  5. @ Andréa – Peters may have been more accurate than he intended. In an early Far Side (3-Jan-85), Larson had a dog reading a scary book called “The Mailman Carried Mace“. He then received a letter from the Chief of Police in Bellevue, who wrote that “…Mace does not work on dogs but… most people don’t know that.” (See Vol. 2 of “The Complete Far Side“, page 51.)

  6. I was a mailman one summer (letter carrier was the official title) and the mace they gave me sure as heck worked on dogs. I took the left over mace back with me to college, and gave it to a friend who was trying to keep males away from his female dog (avoiding moderation here.) It didn’t work, not because the mace didn’t work but more in the way King Canute couldn’t hold back the tide.
    It might have been specially formulated for dogs, but we called it mace.

  7. @ Scott – “It might have been specially formulated for dogs, but we called it mace.
    The letter I mentioned above described a simple formula that would be more effective, but he admitted that it wouldn’t fit into the title of the book.

  8. I presumed that Beryl was female – but, when I was young (before I was 5) I had a friend named Barry who was a boy. His Yiddish or Hebrew name was Beryl and his grandmother called him Beryl – uh.

    With my little village of bear figurines and my collection of teddy bears and their friends of various substances, I can attest that many of my bears are not the brightest beings in the world. They did however, figure out after some time of home isolation and staying 6 inches apart that if none of them in them village or the general den (not really a “den” it is the spare bedroom) have come down with Covid-19 yet as long as no strange bears are allowed in they are fine and had a wonderful Summer festival. School for the cubs and fall events will start for them as soon as I get a chance to store away the summer festival.

    Yes, we are that crazy in this house.

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