1. Wow, I’ve been reading CIDU for more than half of my life. I don’t think I’ve followed any other blog or newsgroup for more than 10 years.

    Does anyone else here remember the days when it was an e-mail based web page? (Bill posted comics, we e-mailed him comments, and he chose the top ones to update on the web page. Doctor Fun featured prominently.)

  2. Yes, I’ve been coming here since the late 90’s too. I was living in Finland and bought a magazine…an honest to god magazine…that recommended various websites when the internet was new and fresh in the public’s mind. Your site was among the recommendations.

    I too remember the ‘While you’re waiting for the download’, e-mailing in suggestions and waiting to see if my comments made the cut. Ahhh, those sweet, innocent days.

    Excellent work, Bill! Thanks for keeping up with this for so many years. It’s provided me with untold hours of distraction and entertainment.

  3. Yes, that you very much Bill! (I don’t know if all my managers will thank you, though, since some of those untold hours of distraction were during work hours 😮 )

  4. @ WW – “…reading CIDU for more than half of my life…
    That appears to place you at the lower edge of the age spectrum around here.

  5. Considering comics weren’t regularly uploaded to the web until the mid-90s, it’s amazing that CIDU has been going nearly as long.

  6. I remember going to this site back when it was at crimeweek.com/cidu .

    (Doesn’t seem to be there anymore, though.)

  7. WW: yup, remember the waiting, but I don’t think I discovered CIDU until 1998, which is only 22 years ago. Not quite half my life yet.

  8. chemgal: Wow you have a good memory if you can even have a guess as to the exact year you started reading CIDU.

    I guess I don’t actually know if I’ve been reading CIDU for more than half my life, since I likely also didn’t start reading CIDU when it first started.

  9. I’ll bet someone with more organizing skills than I could set up a virtual party. Pick a time, everybody try to be here then, and everybody post their favorite CIDU thread.

    Is that too subtle a hint?

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