1. Either it’s so contagious that just the picture of it spread it to the audience, or they’re laughing him off the stage because it’s so ludicrous.

    For me, the only possible humor is in that ambiguity.

  2. Bill’s headline is funnier than the comic.
    P.S. Leigh Rubin has clearly overestimated the contagiousness of his creation. As is appropriate to its name, the Corona virus is transmitted by a nimbus of aerosols surrounding the infected person. Therefore, one would expect that the “Humor” virus would be transmitted only by bodily fluids.

  3. There is a psychological contagious element to humour, which is why comedians prefer smaller venues to large outdoor ones…the audience feels more comfortable laughing raucously if others are and they can hear them doing so. Even weak jokes that others find funny will lead you to laughing as well in an environment like that. That doesn’t seem to be what’s being suggested here, but perhaps that’s where the idea came from, along with covid, of course.

    I like Arthur’s second suggestion that they’re laughing at his ludicrous idea, which seems to kind of prove and disprove his theory at the same time: it’s ridiculous that a ‘humour virus’ exists, but they are all suddenly laughing uncontrollably because of this virus…or the idea of it, anyway.

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