1. I’ve just realized what the perfect symbol for this year is: a bottle of MD 20/20.

  2. In October 2018 Robert had pains shooting down his left arm, and if he says “maybe I need to go to the hospital” it is horribly bad pain as he has to be dragged to the eye doctor, so we ran to the hospital. It was not a heart attack – combination of a muscle knot and arthritis in his shoulder (so now he is always upset about having arthritis).

    After that many to most things for us were like an odd version of “Ground Hog Day”. At first we had to keep doing things over and over and over – constantly – I ended up typing one set of W2 forms for a client 3 times – and then finally noticed that IRS had sent me the wrong year’s forms! (Yeah someone was trying to tell me to look at the forms while I was typing them.) This spread – we have a car, a van and an RV (which is a larger van converted to an RV) – they took turns going into the mechanic. At one point in time none of them were completely working. We would take one in to the mechanic, drop off the next one to go bad, pick up the first one. Then pick up the second one and leave the third one – this happened at least 3 times in 2019. Put new RV batteries in the RV -they still did not work – back again – out of state. Mom had to see the doctor with the office from heck – she needed to have a leg scan done immediately in early September – by the time were done going to the doctor and going there again and seeing his NP who was suppose to to the scan does not do them – and showed for a 1pm Saturday appointment with the tech for the scan and the office closed at 12 pm per it appearing closed and the security guard (per another patient walking through, we signed in and finally someone came to do the test). And so on.

    New Year’s Eve as we clicked our glasses of diet Ginger Ale we said that it was a new year and it was all going to end. HAH! We have twice done the drop a vehicle, pick it up, leave another, pick it up, leave the third since May – and we are not even driving them anywhere!

    I am afraid to find what out next year will bring.

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