1. You don’t find it amusing that elephants, lacking SMS capability, might express their emotions through hand-puppets?

  2. So… the thing about elephants is they have these prehensile trunks, right? And emojis are a modern social phenomenon that arise from technology– they were originally text based images, right? So what’d we do before telecommunications? Nothing, right? Because the point is they are a result of text communications and we didn’t *need* them before telecommunications. But that’s the point of “Flintstone” like jokes, innit? That we’re imagining modern technology in pre-tech conditions while ignoring the a prior observation we wouldn’t *have* tech uses in pre-tech times, right? So that’s the “Flintstone” joke. So how do we make it with emojis? Well, instead of faces made of text we’d do faces made from real things, like hand puppets right? Well, hand puppets alone aren’t funny, are they? But maybe if we had something without hands. And that’s that the about elephants, right? They have these prehensile trunks, don’t they? So they could have hand puppet emojis, couldn’t they.

    It helps if you are stoned.

  3. The idea that an elephant would camouflage its inability to communicate behind a pre-drawn sock puppet is only slightly more ridiculous than people who use pre-drawn icons for the same purpose. 😉

  4. Then shouldn’t somebody be doing a Kickstarter or something to fund emoji so they can afford to buy noses? Maybe if we raise a big stink about it…..

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