1. When I sent this to CIDU Bill as an OY, I also wrote:


  2. Well, if I complain that “Flash” and “Crash” are not similar….. I guess I can not turn around and say “hand” and “yam” are similar…. but that is the joke.

    I guess to grasp at illusions of consistency, I didn’t say “flash” and “crash” *weren’t* similar; I said that I had a hard time seeing it. And I’m not saying “hand” and “yam” *are* similar; I;m saying that the joke *supposes* they are– I’m not claiming the joke is correct in that supposition.

    It’s …. not a good joke.

  3. As we are discussing potatoes in the time of covid, here’s a classical rendering of Matt Lucas’s reworking of his Baked Potato song as a covid health information piece with (zoom-distanced) members of the BBC Orchestra. Bonus – Dr Who (well, one of his actors, David Tennant) appears at the end soliciting charity donations.

    Wash your hands and stay indoors
    Thank you Baked Potato
    Only visit grocery stores
    Thank you Baked Potato
    And if you want to have a better day
    You must listen to what the Baked Potato say

  4. > Dr Who (well, one of his actors, David Tennant)

    Hmmm… But Matt Lucas was a companion of the 12th Doctor which David Tennant played the 10th Doctor that rather deflates the sails a bit.

  5. This whole yam thing is an infinite rabbit whole. As we know, the USA calls sweet potatoes yams, but further investigation finds that people all over the place call all kinds of things that aren’t yams yams ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yam_(vegetable)#Other_uses_of_the_term_%22yam%22 ). Other sections of that page discuss the many variety of things that are yams, though that entries discussion of Japanese yams talk about some other yam that is not the Japanese mountain yam ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dioscorea_japonica ). The Japanese mountain yam, also called a “Japanese sweet potato” in the region is a tasty treat. You can buy them grilled at village festivals (along with grilled and salted fish on a stick).

    As for the claim that in Singapore taro is referred to as “yam”, I don’t remember hearing that in my years there. Somebody might do it, but I don’t know them.

  6. @narmitaj Thank you for the Matt Lucas video. He was a companion to Peter Capalidi’s “The Doctor”, if I recall. I’m a relative latecomer to British Scifi, making my first run through Red Dwarf (at Season 10). I believe the Red Dwarf rules (e.g., no aliens, only things from Earth) would officially preclude any crossover.

  7. Japanese “mountain yam” (yama-imo) and Japanese sweet potatoes (just “imo”) are completely different. The mountain yam has white flesh, very little flavor, and turns into a snot-like substance when grated. The imo is usually purple on the outside and yellowish on the inside, and is made into many delicious things including the grilled versions SingaporeBill mentions and a chewy dried snack sold at roadside stands.

  8. Matt Lucas and David Tennant are well known for other things; in the UK one of the things Matt Lucas is least well-known for would be his Dr Who stint (I’d forgotten about it when I posted the video). In the Big Night In/ Comic Relief setting whether or not they were both in the same series of Dr Who would be one of the last things on people’s minds.

    And besides, it is always the same Doctor, whatever regeneration body he is in.

  9. @ narmitaj – “…always the same Doctor, whatever regeneration body he is in.”
    Or “she“, as the case may (currently) be. (Given the shapely state of most of the series’ “companions”, one cannot escape the conclusion that the Doctor has always wanted to get into a woman’s body.)
    P.S. One of the German cable TV stations has been broadcasting selected TV shows with the original English soundtrack (available on the second audio channel). My favorite is the BBC’s “Poirot”(*), but occasionally I watch part of a “Doctor Who” episode, just to listen to bit of British banter. I rarely make past 5 or 10 minutes before the bad science fiction becomes too excruciating to endure.
    P.P.S. (*) – Even worse than any amount of bad sci-fi is trying to listen to a German rendition of Poirot’s Franco-Belgian accent. It’s almost as bad as a German translation of anything written by Mel Brooks.
    P.P.P.S. It might have been nice if one would broadcast a good American series to balance out all the British stuff, but instead they chose to add “Charlie’s Angels” to the English language lineup. (That was almost as silly as broadcasting “I Dream of Jeannie”, although the latter is shown only in German.)

  10. David Tennent was also in Broadchurch, which was good. At least the first one was. And not the USA one; I’d go so far as to say that was crappy.

    And the Doctor is technically the same but not. It is established canon that each regeneration has a different personality because, I guess, different parts of his makeup express themselves in not just a different physical form but also in other ways.

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