1. Isn’t it some kind of pharmaceutical firm? Among other things, my work requires me to write taglines for a variety of clients. I haven’t written any for clients in pharma, but I know enough to know that’s a bad one. The company clearly doesn’t make love (unless you’re counting ED drugs) and such a line is likely to be met with public derision since most people do not feel warmly toward pharma firms. It seems really desperate and insincere.

  2. SBill’s comment raises the thought this may be aiming at allusion to Huxley’s book. As I recall, there was widespread government-sponsored drug use, under the name Soma.

  3. Drift … “soma” is one of Huxley’s bitterest references. In Hinduism, it refers to the magical food of the gods, to transcendence and deep insight. In BNW it refers to mindless, passive, stultifying, and superficial pleasure.

    Is “Mrs. Pillsbury” here Barney’s wife? I was sort of thinking it was his mother that was being referenced, and family tradition.

  4. Barney’s mother is dead – presumably. At least, his father lives with him, and doesn’t seem to have a wife.

  5. @Pete, yes, but that is the subjunctive (“would”) and I was treating it as a hypothetical. I can ask my sister, “What would Mom say?” even though she died in 2010.

  6. I don’t know this strip, but who is the Art Department asking? Isn’t deciding on the visuals the job of the Art Director?

  7. Ignatzz, this trio is an executive team. The old guy in the big chair is founder/CEO, guy on the left (Duane?) is some kind of senior exec, and woman on the right (Ms Foxx) is the CEO’s personal executive assistant.

  8. DVandom, I interpret it differently, as more of a “you GO Grandma! but use protection!”

  9. Speaking of slogans,
    Gracie Allen: My brother writes advertising slogans for companies. He wrote a lot of slogans but he hasn’t had any success. He was the one who wrote “Good to the last drop.”
    George Burns: “Good to the last drop” is a great slogan!
    Gracie Allen: The client didn’t think so.
    George Burns: Who was the client?
    Gracie Allen: Otis Elevator.

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