1. He’s one of those people who pretends to know the manager or owner to try to get special treatment.

  2. I think S.Bill has it, although for that purpose, using “uncle” as the influential relation would have made it easier to understand (with “brother-in-law”, the reader is sent on a wild goose chase, hunting for a supposed infernal insult against the wife’s family). In that regard, using “mother-in-law” would have served both purposes, and would have made for a much more accessible joke.

  3. I think it is supposed to be an insult against a specific person, though likely to be the speaker’s sister’s husband. Much like Al Pacino and his brother/s took against the husband of their sister in The Godfather.

  4. A bit of inconsistency by the speaker (though evidently thhat wouldn’t be the worst of his sins). He never got along with the brother-in-law, and regarded him as a devil. But now he is setting aside their conflict in order to try to benefit from that b-i-l’s possible influence.

  5. Also, if he claims to be “not thinking about nepotism,” what can he claim he IS thinking about in even bringing this alleged factoid up to the demon behind the desk? Just nevous small talk?

    “So, when you get a chance, can you tell him I said hello — only if it’s no trouble, of course. Uh, nice pitchfork; shiny and everything! That chair looks comfy too! O.K., I’m ready for my eternity of torture now.”

  6. Is this an altered comic? Pardon My Planet generally doesn’t use Comic Sans for speech balloons.

  7. @ Dysfunctional – Vic Lee’s habit of recycling artwork has been discussed a few times already. He doesn’t even bother to resize the dialog balloon; instead, he picks a different font, so that the resulting text seems to fit. It would appear that he isn’t even above selecting such atrocities as “Comic Sans”, or really shrinking the point size.

  8. P.S. I wasted an embarrassing amount of time trying to use several different reverse image search tools to find the “original” appearance of this drawing, before I remembered that King Features hides their archive behind a paywall, so that all search attempts are doomed to fail.

  9. It’s about his wife-now-widow.

    There’s a joke in which Satan appears, 20 feet tall and spewing fire and stinking of death, and everybody runs away except one guy who just looks bored. Satan stands in front of him and demands “Why do you not flee? Are you not afraid?” Guy replies “Of what? I’ve been married to your sister for 20 years.”

  10. Concur that MARN nailed it. I recall a joke version where a woman tries to scare her husband into sobriety with a devil costume. His reaction is cheerfully chummy: “Pleased to meetcha. I married your sister.”

    Must admit my thought was nepotism. My mind went to a Peter Arno cartoon of a cop bringing a surly, soused playboy before the desk sergeant. The caption was along the lines of, “He doesn’t remember who he is, but he knows he’s somebody damn important.”

  11. There’s an old song, “I Wish I Were Single Again”. The singer married a wife, “the plague of my life”, and the wife died, and then,

    I married another oh then, oh then,
    I married another oh then,
    I married another,
    The Devil’s grandmother,
    I wish I were single again.

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