1. P.S. @2 (in moderation) – Ketsdever called his cartoon “…a shameless pseudo-hack of two [old] jokes…”

  2. Ah, but if they wanted to be cruel, how about some sexy black socks with cement Birkenstocks!

  3. Is the bizarro one anything more than “flash” rhymes with “crash”? Is rhyming enough? When one hears “flash test dummy” does one think it sounds like “crash test dummy”?

  4. @woozy It only took a few seconds, but I wondered why it was so hard to remember the phrase, “crash test dummies” when looking at the caption.
    I think the strong lighting makes it look like the dummy is creating an actual light flash and so the intended meaning of “flash” is muted in the brain. Then the brain can’t find any parts being flashed and mine (my brain, not my parts) started aching.

  5. While I did immediately get the “Dummy” comic, I did note to myself that it’s one of those bet not to ponder the visuals too much after getting the punchline.

  6. So….. “flash test” and “crash test” seem similar enough to be a recognizable pun for most of you? I don’t know why it doesn’t seem similar to me when others rhyme phrases do, but…. It *doesn’t* seem at all similar enough to me…. strange.

  7. Flip-flops are bad enough, but at least the murderous thug mobsters aren’t forcing him to wear sandals paired with post-Memorial-Day white socks. I mean, they’re murderous thug mobsters, but they’re not fashion-barbarian murderous thug mobsters.

  8. They haven’t sufficiently studied their “Crash Testing for Dummies” book to see they’re going about it all wrong.

  9. Even though both the caption and the illustration make the intended pun absolutely clear, I had the same trouble as Kevin & w00zy: the word “crash” didn’t drop into place until I scanned the comic a second (or third) time.

  10. I think maybe its the hard C vs a sibilant F. That just don’t seem like similar words to me…. unless it were deliberately stressed (“I guess you’d say it is …. beat….. a **FLASH** test dummy”) in which case it would work.

    This feels very strange as most other puns of this sort I’d immediately accept and this just doesn’t do it for me but I can’t for the life of me I can’t put my finger on why not.

    This one took me *five* minutes of wondering if there was something like a “flash test” like “flash cards”. That actually seemed more natural than thinking “flash” and “crash” sound alike. And my first thought when I did think of it “But they don’t sound similar enough” … except… then I though about it and they sound *exactly* alike …. but…. they don’t seem like they *should*.

    This is a *really* weird loose wire…. It’s bugging me.

  11. I have learned to love the flash mob, but still don’t understand the flash sale. Even if it happens at a pop up store.

  12. So….. “flash test” and “crash test” seem similar enough to be a recognizable pun for most of you?

    Yes, I got it immediately and thought it was reasonably “punny”.

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