1. Well, the IRS thinks people are trying to get out of filing taxes by pretending to be walking dead zombies.

  2. BTW, in case anyone forgot, today (July 15th) is the deadline to file your taxes. It was extended from the usual April 15th deadline, due to coronovirus.

    The cartoon is dated April 6th. That’s after the IRS extended the deadline, but only 2 weeks after. So if April 6th is the publication date, and Deering made the strip 3 weeks earlier, the deadline hadn’t been extended when he wrote it. Then this cartoon’s intended message at the time of creation would be “the IRS makes us file our taxes, even with a disaster (zombies or coronovirus) in progress.”

  3. Andréa: This link is a little more directly on point. https://www.grammar.com/none-singular-or-plural/

    “The indefinite pronoun none requires some separate discussion. A myth has emerged that none always requires a singular verb.

    Not true.

    Singular or Plural

    The word none can take the singular or the plural. In the words of New Fowler:
    It is a mistake to suppose that the pronoun [none] is singular only and must at all costs be followed by singular verbs or pronouns . . . . At all times since the reign of King Alfred the choice of plural or singular . . . has been governed by the surrounding words or by the notional sense. New Fowler, p. 526.”

  4. Oh, just looked at the cartoon again, and it’s from 2018. So nothing to do with coronovirus.

  5. “with an undercurrent of the IRS having no brains worth mentioning (or at least feasting on)”

    Yeah, but that counters the apparent joke. …. but then this wouldn’t be the first time Strange Brew butchered its own internal logic.

  6. Even if you are deceased and write “DECEASED” at the top of the 1040, you still have to file and pay your taxes.

  7. I follow the logic. Zombies are gonna be trying to attack buildings to get the live brains inside. These zombies aren’t attacking the IRS building. Why not? Because they’re avoiding it. Why? Because they’re trying to avoid paying taxes. If they were zombies, they wouldn’t care. Therefore, they’re all live people who are faking a zombie apocalypse as a ruse.

  8. Even harder than dealing with IRS and their changes has been dealing with states and their changes. While many to most changed to agree with IRS for filing and payment – not all were. I had been working on the only return I had here to work on as the number of virus cases was increasing and the July 15 announcement was made. Client lives in New Mexico – I checked what was being done there. There was an apology in their notice of what they were doing along the lines of “We have extended the time to file the returns to July 15, but have no authority to extend the time to pay the taxes, so payment is still due by April 15. So on our last trip to the post office to pick up mail from our box or mail anything out after 11 pm on the last Sunday in March – her return was mailed out to her in New Mexico so she could file (and pay) it by April 15.

    Even with the delay to July 15, I had to file 2 extensions for (NYS) clients and my client in PA has still not sent me her info – and she did not file yet for last year and I keep telling her that she will loose out on her $1200 Economic Impact Payment if she doesn’t file at least one of them this year (we did get her 2017 done in April so she did lose her refund on that).

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