1. larK – Love Galaxy Quest – it is amazing how often we stop and watch when it is on TV.

    Arthur – I also read both Tom Corbett and Rick Brant when I was young – but as I recall I owned one book from each series. Danny Dunn – likewise only read “and the Homework Machine”. All either gone in the Hurricane Sandy flood in my mom’s basement or the sale of household items when she had to move to assisted living last year – the former being more likely.

    As to rereading books from when was young I found the opposite recently when I recently reread “Jo’s Boys” by Louisa May Alcott which I did as it troubled me that I enjoyed all of her books except that one and “Old Fashioned Girl” (including her non- children’s books which I have read). I enjoyed it this time as I was reading it from a different point of view both for the story and it gave much insight into what she thought of what happened to her life after “Little Women” was published. I also found it interesting to read as reenactor (of an an earlier period than when the story takes place) as I know if something is mentioned in the book it exists at the time it was written (1886) – such using the term “bathroom” in the house, in the period we reenact there are no special rooms for bathing and the other use of bathroom as she and we use the term were generally located outside the house in the backyard.

    Even stranger to me – she used the term “bus” as a horse drawn vehicle to transport the students of the school. I had trouble imaging what one would have looked like from the description I found online. When we went with our reenactment unit (and other units) to do an unrelated event about Long Island occupied by the British during the American Revolution at the local restoration village, the village being set in the 1800s I came across an actual bus of the late 1800s and got to see what it looked like – even stranger to me ,when next our unit was there it was gone, as if it had been put there just to help me understand what it looked like. But had I not read the book again I would not have known what I was looking at other than as a curiosity.

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