1. I think the guy wearing the armor is a regular employee, and the king is about to have the temp released into the arena (probably without armor).
    P.S. It’s an unwarranted stretch, but this comic might be improved if the king’s reply were rewritten (or misread) as “New Yorker initiation”.

  2. I see the armoured chump as the temp worker – about to be literally thrown to the lions with some nominal equipment but no training, while (seemingly) thousands of regular workers look on waiting to see the failure.

  3. I didn’t notice the crowds until U.V. pointed them out. If we’re meant to take them into account in understanding the scene, they could be drawn a little stronger.

    And I’m of two minds about identifying the roles. The visible guy in the arena does look fully equipped and ready, so he could be the host representative, the initiator. But that would leave the new-hire temp out of the scene, which is weird for the explicit subject of the caption.

  4. when in doubt it’s a covid joke?????

    It’s scary going to work and one must wear protective gear? Doesn’t work but then neither does anything else..

  5. One problem with this one is that, if it’s not immediately obvious what the joke is, more and more details get in the way of understanding it. Gladiators were a millennium before knights. The flags show some very strange winds. As pointed out, there appears to be one person in the arena with no opponent(s).

  6. ‘B.C.’ has been much-improved since ‘Mason’ took over, but he doesn’t seem to ‘get’ the, well, ‘magic’ of Id.

  7. I think it’s pretty straightforward. The temp has been thrown into the arena where he/she will have all manner of challenges released upon him/her. Considering that in my life as a corporate cube wage slave, training even for permanent staff was skimpy or absent, it must be so much worse for temps who are dropped into a completely unfamiliar setting and asked to do who knows what on a moment’s notice. A bit of armour and a cheap sword will prove quite inadequate.

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