1. I found the first quite amusing. The third, I guess the idea is that the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood are now a couple. She looks to be several years older. And I guess dressing up as Granny was more of a lifestyle thing. or became one after being used as a disguise.

  2. Janis isn’t disturbed by Arlo’s lust. She’s disturbed that there are cheesecake pictures of “her” on the wall of the garage. Who else might see them? And where else might Arlo have more of same?

  3. I don’t understand the Photoshop reference, tho. Her head on someone else’s body? Someone else’s head on her body? OR . . . ????

  4. I would assume the former. He probably didn’t have enough calendar-style photos of her.

  5. The first one reminded me of a gag in “The Simpsons Movie”, in which Bart skateboards naked from home to downtown, only to be strategically “shielded” by a whole series of ridiculous coincidences.

  6. Has he just hung the calendar – or does she not visit the garage often? I know every inch of our garage as I often have to find things for Robert (it is his woodworking shop) when he cannot find them.

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