1. Uh, in the original myth it was Orpheus who was warned that *he* could not look back to see if Eurydice was following *him.* (Also, no “Connecticut” in the old Greek myth, but that probably goes without saying.)

    Is there a joke here?

  2. Oops, you’re right: it was Orpheus who couldn’t look back.

    Obviously I had Lot’s wife on my brain.

    (Was Lot’s wife ever given a name? I guess it didn’t bode well if she wasn’t)

  3. CIDU Bill: She’s not given a name in the Torah, but she’s called Edith in the Midrash. (Just looked it up.)

  4. That’s really weird: details in the Midrash are usually logically extrapolated for Torah text. “Edith” just seems to be something the rabbis pulled out of their tuchuses.

    Especially since it’s an Old English name.

  5. CIDU Bill: How would you logically extrapolate Lilith’s existence, let alone her name, from the Torah text?

  6. Alternate caption, for those really into mythology: “They didn’t like my performance at your ladies’ club. Those women tore me to pieces!”

  7. It’s from the New Yorker. They’ve escaped “Hell” and he’s warning her not to look back now that they’ve reached Connecticut. The southwestern part of which is entirely bedroom communities for NYC.

  8. @ Powers – I much prefer your suggestion (“NY=Hell”), which seems to fit better with the city as I have experienced it. However, considering the source of the comic, I’m afraid that TedD’s suggestion is what the author (or editor) intended.

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