1. The grandmother’s “Solo Yo” doesn’t have anything to do with “Han”, it means “Only me” in Spanish. After three self-centered declarations, they all come together for some warm & fuzzy togetherness in the final panel. It’s about as political as Baldo could ever be expected to get: “E Pluribus Unum“.

  2. I for a minute misread the third panel, taking the inverted exclamation and the Y to be a N — so that the message was “No!”, interestingly different from the English. But simply a miss-seeing.

  3. Really, how hard is it for a letterer to make sure what he writes can’t be easily mis-read.

    Lettering 101: Be very careful when writing FLICK

  4. I think that’s actually a font rather than hand-lettering. I suppose he could have put a space before and after.

  5. I also believe it’s not hand-lettered. The same letters are, as near as I can tell, exactly the same. It’s just a matter of keming.

  6. CIDU Bill, I remember back in the 1970’s when a movie theater in Kenmore Square hosted a mini movie festival they called “FLICK-OUT” and advertised with a hand-lettered sign. I had to point out to them how careless they had been with the hand-lettered sign. But that was the 1970’s and if they had had a festival with the other name, nobody would have batted an eye. At most someone would have pointed out that certain downtown movie theaters made it redundant for a Kenmore Square movie theater to have such a festival.

  7. Reportedly comic books avoided naming characters Clint as well. If the word “flick” had to be used it was spelled “flik”.

    I just came upon a reference to a monthly comic magazine by the name CLiNT which seemed to have caused some controversy over its name. Ran from 2010 to 2013,

    Also, apparently there is a musical artist by the name “Clint Flick”.

  8. I once saw a story about a school cheerleading team that had placed second in the “large pom category.” I thought: what? they have a category for that? In high school?

  9. Arthur — I STILL can’t figure out “Ham declares a state of emergency”. I assume it’s “Harn”, because that’s how bad kerning works, but I don’t know any real countries called “Harn”. I know a fantasy one, but I doubt that’s it.

  10. I grew up in the hometown of Ghirardelli chocolates. Their Flicks were a favorite with the local kids. The label said FLICKS in all caps, which any kid with a fingernail or a key could and did easily turn into something more naughty. They later changed the label from all caps to title case, Flicks.

  11. I also rarelyseem to see a copy of the trade paperback of John Galsworthy’s novel TO LET in which someone has not magic-markered a capital “I” between the two words of the title on the spine.

  12. With most of those examples, I saw the correct one first. Then the “kem” version would resolve like one of those faces/vases pictures.

  13. Best defaced book: it must have been a bored teenager who took his paperback copy of HIGH SCHOOL REVIEW IN MATHEMATICS and turned it into EVIL IN THE ATIC. He also drew an appropriate cover illustration. Or maybe some might consider it an inappropriate cover illustration.

  14. Mark: brilliant! Wish I’d seen that one. The best I ever saw were in my high school art room, where previous students had left the much loved teacher a can of “Cock full o’Nuts”, and a calligraphy book titled “The Art of the Penis”.

  15. I saw EVIL IN THE ATIC on the free used book pile at the dump and I regret not picking it up. But the book itself was a disappointment after seeing the cover.

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