1. @ Pandemonium – The “Wizard of Id” used to be a lot better than it is now. It was already going downhill long before the writing and artwork changed hands (yet again).
    P.S. Some people enjoy laughing at the misfortunes of others. That all there is to this strip. Like I said, it hasn’t been that good for a very long time.

  2. Well, it’d be funny if that was an unexpected consequence. And if you are reading 30 comics a day at eyeball speed, you wouldn’t be analyzing and anticipating any consequences. So it’d be an unexpeced consequence, wouldn’t it. Ergo it is funny, isn’t it.

    Okay… I guess the idea is that we see the Wizard and we see the Firecracker in the same panel but we aren’t supposed to register that the Wizard is actually standing *next* to the Firecracker. Where just supposed to think the Wizard produced the firecracker and they are in the same panel for artistic balance and economy only. Then when he hurts his ears we are supposed to think “Oh, gee, I guess he *was* standing too close, wasn’t he?”

    It’s lazy and it doesn’t really work. It helps if we are amused by other people’s pain….

  3. Pandemonium “Is Wizard of Id *ever* funny?”

    Kilby “The “Wizard of Id” used to be a lot better than it is now.”

    Well, Pandemonium did say “is” and not “was”….

  4. To be fair to the Wizard, that’s a bottle rocket and isn’t supposed to explode near the person who set it off.

  5. NOT A FIRECRACKER! Geez! (although, maybe it COULD be thought of as virtually one when a firework misfires.).
    I wish more people would use dictionaries when they DU; it also may have them take a second look a the strip to undo the fiction that all our brains are apt to make up. (extreme example: “Oh it ran into a tree, that thing I just looked at in the strip must have been a car.” – No, not “must have been”, look again, it was boulder that had rolled down the hill.; no windows, no wheels…)

    Thank you Arthur.

    Uh-oh.. Speaking of brains, I just noticed that I had written “all are brains” instead of “all our brains”. I do often pronounce it that way, but spelling the word I’m pronouncing in my head, rather than the one I’m thinking of, is a little freaky.

  6. It’s basically the same as the Don Martin “One fine day in the Civil War joke. In the Don Martin joke we are supposed to be distracted by the drama of ripping off of epaulettes that we aren’t supposed to realize a sword is sharp enough to cut a leg off. In the Wizard of I we’re supposed to be distracted by the exuberance and the drawing of the firework to not notice the Wizard is standing too close.

    The problem is there really isn’t any reason we should be distracted.

  7. So — THE WIZARD OF ID apparently does not take place in a quasi-medieval kingdom of that name, but rather in contemporary (or at least post-1776) United States? Or do we assume that there is some other holiday in Id which happens to fall on the 4th (presumably of July) and typically involves pyrotechnic bangs and kabooms?

    (While I’m being grumpy, I’ll also noted that today’s BREWSTER ROCKIT assumes that both Earth hemispheres experience “summer” at the same time — or possibly that “summer” has any meaning to staff on an orbiting space station.)


  8. It doesn’t explain the joke, but analyzing further: in the first panel it is daylight. It’s not clear if it is sunrise or sunset. I vote for sunrise. Wiz is greeting the day with a rocket. In the last panel, it is night. So hours later, his ears are still ringing.

  9. I was confused at first, because the 4th-related strip today was different. Then I saw that this was from 7/4/2019.

  10. Jajizi, I agree, or maybe he lights it at dawn, and the day goes by until it explodes at night?

  11. Yes, somebody sent it to me a day or two after the holiday last year, so I just put it into the queue for this year.

    I hate posting holiday-themed comics after the holiday.

  12. “NOT A FIRECRACKER! Geez! ”

    You’re getting upset because people incorrectly use Firework and Firecracker interchangeably????

  13. Ummm, he had a heckuva hard time lighting the firecracker, taking all day to go off, and adding to his frustration, his ears hurt?

  14. When The Wizard of Id first appeared in the 1960’s, I read a review that said it was political satire and the King was President Lyndon Johnson. I did not see anything in the strip that tied in with current events, but who knows.

  15. Kilby: When I broke a finger my teacher made me come to the lessons anyway and we talked about the music.

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