1. Peeping Toms, with their looking glasses… they assume they can never be seen. And they’re always startled when they get caught at it.

  2. He sees a message in the stars, but apparently isn’t sure if the message is addressed to him.

  3. Or a projected scientist-signal (when he’s what’s needed, not Batman).

    BTW, you can tell he’s a scientist by his white lab coat.

  4. Folly has it. A telescope able to look into the far reaches of the universe and he sees someone/something pointing back in his direction and wonders if it is at him specifically. It would be impossible to resolve that specificity at that distance. Ha ha.

  5. He’s looking at the Carina Defiant Finger.

    (I posted a link, but it’s held up in moderation. Google it yourself.)

  6. You look into the universe/cosmos/god and the universe/cosmos/god looks back and singles you out. So you ask “who, me?”

  7. Ever been in a crowd, and a stranger from across the room/street looks in your direction and beckons for you (or someone standing near to you) to come over? Since the person is unknown, you don’t know if that person is talking to you or someone else.

    You’re likely to respond by pointing to yourself and saying, “Who, me?”

    It’s the same thing in this comic. The astronomer happens to spot some sort of life capable of basic communication, and it’s visually pointing at someone. Could it be pointing at the astronomer himself? (After all, there could be others looking at that alien life.) The astronomer doesn’t know, so he points to himself and asks, “Who, me?”

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