1. The only reason to think of Mallard Fillmore is that it’s a talking duck, but this is a comic where the main character is a talking duck, so the cartoonist would need to do something more to make regular readers think of Mallard Fillmore.

    I think this is just a generic complaint. Probably doesn’t happen for all strips, just ones that erratically veer into politics.

    It would be a little weird to complain that “I follow Mallard Fillmore for the free laughs, not to read ideas I disagree with,” since a purely political comic (and never has any laughs).

  2. If you look at an archive of recent work, you’ll see he’s done several comics against racism and for supporting science-based actions (such as mask wearing and physical distancing) during the pandemic. He must have received plenty of hate mail from racists and morons (Fun fact: a Venn diagram of the two groups is nearly a perfect circle).

  3. Mallard Fillmore appears to have a new artist / writer. Lately he’s been trying things that aren’t explicitly anti-liberal, whereas the original creator felt it imperative to constantly assure right-wing readers he was on their side.

  4. M.A. yes, the change is pretty easy to see. The new person is apparently trying to be more temperate. I still, however, can pretty much only read it in the mode of, not quite hate-read, but “let’s keep an eye on what those people are up to”.

  5. Thanks for the update, MinorAnnoyance. Just checked it out. It still looks like pretty much every strip is at least partially political in nature, but it’s much better than it was previously. Before, the main purpose of the strip was editorial, to the point that there often was no joke. The new artist seems more focused on telling jokes, albeit with a conservative political slant.

    Before I didn’t see how anyone would find the strip funny, regardless of their views. Now I can see it, and it’s possible I would even enjoy it if my political viewpoint matched up with the cartoonist’s.

  6. BTW, I realize this discussion is skirting the ban on politics, but hopefully it’s clear that I’m just trying to talk about the editorial vs. humor balance of the comic, rather than whether the editorial content is reasonable.

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