1. On my way to a location in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood I regularly visited, I started noticing what I thought was an apartment building called Pangea Apartments; and I sniffily wanted to tell them that was a misspelling.

    Well I was wrong on a couple of counts. Pangea and Pangaea are both accepted spellings (and if you want to insist on the latter you might need to type the ae digraph). And soon I noticed the name on other buildings in that neighborhood, and then in other neighborhoods as well, and realized they were a real estate / rental company. And just now, looking them up, I see from https://www.pangeare.com/ that they are a fairly long-established company, in Indianapolis and Baltimore as well as Chicago.

    But it doesn’t so far tell me if they are actually named for the ancient super-continent, or why.

  2. It may not be perfect synchronicity, but if you had only put up one, it would have been a half-farted effort.

  3. Mitch: I assume someone thought “all Earth” was a good name for a Realty company. Doubt it’s more complex than that.

  4. SingaporeBill: Yuk yuk!

    CIDU Bill: I do like that last one, even though I haven’t been a fan of fart jokes for a half-century or so.

  5. I hope it didn’t confuse anybody that I skipped making any explanaton, but in case it wasn’t clear, I brought up my encounter with the “Pangea Apartments” in this context because the PBF comic includes a picture of Earth at the time of the Pangaea supercontinent. (In full-globe view in panel 3, and implicitly in the crowding of the preceding panels.)

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