1. Back in the mid-2000s, before I had ever heard this song, my friend made me a mix CD of some upbeat music. As I was driving home that night, I heard the song “Kids in America” for the on the radio.

    I remember thinking that that was a cool new song, not realizing that (A) it came out in the early 1980s, and that (B) it was on the mix CD that my friend had given me just hours earlier.

  2. (Typo: In my comment above, I meant that “I heard the song “Kids in America” for the FIRST TIME on the radio.)

  3. Kim Wilde had a second flowering, as it were, as a gardener

    Her dad was English rocker Marty Wilde; as well as solo fame, in 1965 he was in a band with his wife Joyce and a teenaged Justin Hayward (later of The Moody Blues), the Wilde Three. I read some interview decades ago where Kim said she had had some sort of a crush on Hayward, though she, born 1960, must have been about five!

    Also, I see from Marty Wilde’s Wikipedia that Kim Wilde’s youngest sibling, Marty Jr, was born a good 23 years after she was, which is some going. I knew a family with a similar spread of ages, where the matriarch’s first child’s daughter was born before the matriarch’s last child was, so the aunt is younger than her niece.

  4. Really interesting, the difference between the posted video and the one the record company put out. As you’d imagine the record company’s vid is flashier. But the thing that really stands out for me is how…attainable Kim Wilde looks in the video CIDU Bill posted. Ms. Wilde is 4.5 years older than me and I remember when I was seeing the record company video everywhere she looked a great beauty. Good lighting, makeup, editing, a haircut that was more shag than mullet. She was a girl out of my reach. This other video, though, she looks like a girl who works at the mall. Even this standard definition video shows her skin isn’t great, the makeup looks like it was put on by a girl who works at the cosmetics counter in the mall, the teeth are a bit wonky and the hair more mullet-like. After saying all that, I still think she looks nice, but more in the way my friend’s older sister looked nice. The kind of girl you could dream about actually being interested in you. Yeah, Don’t I wish!

    And there’s a nice little story of how it came to be with a grown up Kim.

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