1. You are supposed to let sleeping dogs lie, so the guys only option is to go to the napping cats and….. waking up napping cats has unpleasant consequences? Okay, don’t have it. But “let sleeping dogs lie” is clearly part of it.

  2. As Mtich4 wrote, I think it is just playing on the idioms. It is interesting that I, at least, will use the idiom “let sleeping dogs lie” (with some sense that we are talking about dogs, even though they stand in for the unpleasant task/reality that you do not want to disturb) but it is to “take a cat nap,” not cats napping or some such. That is to say, humans will take a cat nap, but dogs sleep.

    Hmm. More tortuous thought in print than in my mind….

  3. I got the let “sleeping dogs lie” as my comment still in moderation (*ahem*) shows. But “cat nap” eluded me. That makes sense. It’s not particularly good but I get it.

  4. Most of my Facebook posts are pictures of cats curled up asleep on or near my legs or trunk, with a remark like “Oh I really need a cat nap now. Luckily, there are some cats ready to help with that.”

  5. Could have added “Racing Rats” to the sign. But then it would need an extra corridor to point down.

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