1. Cool!

    Help me out with some stylistic “school” or subgenre names that might apply. Even if you think they are wrong or don’t matter.

    I mean, in film I’m a fan of (a very diverse body of) work that was called “mumblecore”, a name disavowed by practitioners and fans alike, but which stuck nonetheless, as a label that served to identify even if it was never accurately descriptive.

    So along those lines, what is “shoegaze” for instance? Is this piece in some descendant of “industrial”?

  2. Here I was all ready to decipher the German, but there really isn’t anything of substance to decipher. According to their Wikipedia article: “Trio’s main principle was to remove almost all the ornamentation and polish from their songs“, which probably explains the pithiness of the lyrics. On the other hand, it also says there that “the band preferred the [term] “Neue Deutsche Fröhlichkeit”“, but I cannot discern anything even remotely “cheerful” about this song, with the possible exception of the vocalist’s poorly suppressed smile as he “secretly” flips the bird at the edge of the recording’s frame.

  3. “but I cannot discern anything even remotely “cheerful” about this song”

    No, it’s not very cheerful, but it’s quirky which makes it amusing to me, and I submitted it after a request for ‘ear-worms’. Listen to this once and if you’re not humming ‘Da-da-da’ all day long, then you and I are nothing alike.

  4. @ Olivier – In der Tat, und “alles klar”. Those two songs (along with Nena’s “99_Luftballons“) are perhaps the best known “crossover” hits from the so-called “New German Wave” (NDW = “Neue Deutsche Welle“). I was never a big NDW fan, but I did enjoy the two “counterattack” albums that Peter Gabriel produced in German, even though I could not understand a single word of the lyrics (back then). I still enjoy them as curiosities, although now that I understand German, the lyrics seem (at best) a little fractured.

  5. I still wonder why Mike Judge never made a parody animated video to “Huh Huh Huh” by Beavis and Butthead.

  6. Not very cheerful, and not something I’d send in, but I’m fine waking up to “quirky” once in a while.

  7. Yeah! Thanks for that Tutorial, Ken.
    The song was quite enjoyable. It somewhat matched my assumptions, in being sort of ambient (which may be close enough to your “textural”) , though not in attitude.

    My misjudgment was in not grasping who might be thought to be gazing at their shoes, and in what way. It turns out it is mostly about t(e audience — we go off into mesmerized or contemplative state, not in sharp focus. I had kept open the idea it could be about the performers, looking down so as to not meet our eyes, in a fit of either introversion or arrogance. The test would be to put them on SNL if willing, and see if they acknowledge applause.

    Sorry, just spinning my private stories onto that!

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