The Killians are Coming! The Killians Are Coming!


A lot of people asked why the Killians would be seeing Jeremy’s room at all; but I assume these were rhetorical questions, since there’s probably no real answer.

And of course if we follow this strip’s logic, the Duncans haven’t had a visitor to their home for at least the past three years.


  1. And for the icons to salute essential workers: Panel 3 has the steering wheel, microscope and fork, panel 4 the apple and panel 5 the mask and the shopping cart.

  2. Yeah, gotta say that it was a more organic way to work all the items into the strip than most I’ve seen.

  3. Oh, they have some real issues there. That house is toxic.

    Tales from the claims file:

    Back in my insurance days I saw more than one case with mushrooms growing on carpets. These are cases with water loss that were not treated promptly. Mold was more common than actual mushrooms, but I think everyone in the office got a case that had mushrooms at some point. Not covered. Either it’s a longstanding leak and maintenance issues are not covered by insurance, or it is a sudden water loss that they did not notify us of promptly so we could begin emergency remediation.

  4. I haven’t been following the strip recently. Are they showing the house to potential buyers? That would be a reason for the Killians to see Jeremy’s room.

  5. Why would it be odd to think the Killians might see Jeremy’s room? Maybe the Killians have someone Jeremy’s age, and they’ll want to hang out in his room. Maybe at some point someone the conversation will turn to Jeremy’s collection of etchings, and someone will want to take a look. Maybe guests will pass his bedroom on the way to the bathroom.

    When we have company over, we usually clean a number of rooms that we might end up having company in. Which ones they actually end up seeing varies unpredictably, and I often end up complaining “I cleaned the downstairs bathroom for nothing.”

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