1. The National Cartoonists Society asked members on Sunday to add six symbols to their strips to thank “helpers” during the pandemic. See, e.g., Lio, https://www.gocomics.com/lio/2020/06/07
    Ms Elliot has: Shopping Cart, on the wall outside the door; Fork, on the step; Steering Wheel, on Holly’s blouse; Apple, behind Holly; Mask, on Phil; Microscope, on Val’s T-shirt

  2. Idiotic and an empty gesture if only *one* person is wearing a mask for no reason other then to be symbolic.

  3. ” Do you wear a mask around your immediate family?” Uh, no….?

    So why is Phil but no-one else? Either Phil lives with the guy hes clinking glasses with or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t why isn’t that guy wearing and why the eff are they standing two feet apart clinking glasses. And if Phil does live with the guy…. why’s he wearing a mask?

    My contention the mask is only symbolic with no carry-through and idiotically so still stands.

  4. Everyone except the policeman has been on lockdown and working from home. He’s protecting all of them from himself. As it says on my state’s site, “My mask protects you. Your mask protects me.”

  5. “And, Phil and the other adult male should be standing further apart. They really shouldn’t be touching cans together like that.”

    *ahem* (dang, moderation heck)

  6. “Their cans are touching?”

    Only the rims. It’s a . . . wait a minute. . . . No, I don’t think I’ll go any further with that joke.

  7. We received online survey from a restaurant in the PA Dutch country that we go to for dinner often when there and Robert is signed up to get email from. It was basically about what is needed to get to customers to come back when they reopen. Among the choices for what make one feel more comfortable was a question about masks – choices included “everyone must wear a mask” and everyone must wear a mask except while eating”. Is it possible to wear a mask and eat at the same time?

  8. >Meryl, ask Spider-Man.

    Actually in the comic books he’s frequently seen lifting his mask to eat.

  9. “Is it possible to wear a mask and eat at the same time?”: Sure, you can wear it around your chin.

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